VR New Tour "Ripcoil" Trial: Return to Classic Gameplay

Ripcoil is a pair of competitive games developed by Oculus Studios and Sanzaru Games. News reports about Oculus Touch emerged in the second half of this year. Ripcoil also helped them, and its appearance undoubtedly enriched the market of VR e-sports games. The author had the privilege of playing the Ripcoil Demo at this year's Gamescom game show. Uh, it turns out that the author throws more things in the game than in real life.

In a way, Ripcoil is a bit like the remake version of Tron: Legacy in 2010. You are sent to a space arena in the Milky Way where you play PK with another online player. The extraterrestrial audience around you during the battle will cheer for you.

Ripcoil Trial

Tilting your head left or right will allow you to slide in that direction, which feels like the sliding table of the classic 1972 Pong game. And just like "Pong", the operation of the Demo is very simple, even simpler than real tennis and squash: You and your opponents throw a flying disc in turns. Your goal is to hit 5 targets defended by each other. Things.

To do this, you have to use strange angles, quick hits, and use wall bounces to produce unexpected tracks. Of course, your frisbee won't fly out of the fixed field.

The first time the game shocked the author was when I started swinging to the left, the body in the game slid quickly to the left of the map. It took me about one minute to study how to control the air-cushion board underneath, and finally found out that I could just squat in the direction of the goal. This reduces the uncomfortable feeling of movement in the game, because from past experience, moving at this speed in VR will definitely feel dazed, but I don't know what measures Ripcoil has taken (maybe it's because of you The body controls rather than the joysticks and buttons, which make the brain more receptive. Your high-speed movement in the game does not make the brain produce lasting discomfort.

However, the VR experience varies from person to person, and the point at which people can cause vertigo in VR is also different. However, I believe that this anti-vertigo mechanism is of great significance for the development of future VR sports games, which means that we can all be free. Move instead of moving like Rippoil.

Even so, the feeling of removing the head and returning to the scene of Gamescom is still very interesting, because the leg of the author is still swaying to the left and right, it seems that there will be no play for a half hour.

You need to develop a good habit of tying up the controller (or at least you have a new computer monitor in your vicinity), because whether it is "serving" or "taking the ball" requires physical exercise, what if it breaks? Oh no. Fortunately, the game has an automatic correction mechanism for action, so the crumbling Frisbee thrown by me in reality is fast and powerful in the game. Although the author can do better with the help of Ripcoil's movement corrections, the opponents are the same, so you'll still be fair to find out who among you is the one with better hand-eye coordination.

The "Ripcoil" experience makes me feel like a cool brother who throws Frisbee in the future, but I don't know if I would continue to play this first-person version of "Pong" after one hour.