Latest Hisense TV installation sofa butler, successful installation of third-party software tutorial!

Foreword: Hisense recently used a lot of file management applications to get rid of it, resulting in a lot of new buy Hisense TV can not install software, then bring you the latest method, this post will continue to update all kinds of useful The installation method (because these methods may also be invalid at any time, please feedback), if you have any good methods, you can also join the following message, please continue to pay attention!

First download and copy it to your U disk!

Software Installation Tutorial Center:

Hisense TV latest installation software tutorial:
Method one: open the poly easy to use, search and install "storm video player", use storm identification U disk sofa butler APK to install, then open the sofa butler to download and install HDP live, pudding video, video search search, VST aggregation, TV Cat, Wei Wei live broadcast and other software can watch live broadcast! Method 2: The mobile phone installs Goku remote control to connect the TV. The mobile phone will automatically install the TV Goku remote control on the TV. If it is not installed, please download it and download "Everyday Fitness" and then connect the TV to Goku on the mobile phone, and then connect to Goku. Search for sofa butler, push install sofa, and then go to the sofa butler to download the application they need.
Method 3: Download the sofa butler APK file, and then delete the .apk suffix name, put it in the u disk, use the u disk assistant, check all the files, you can see, choose to open the package installer.