This site is the first sun psp simulator necessary, Beitong BTP-BD2IN Bluetooth game controller

One day whim, want to revisit the widower's psp game, so he searched for the simulator, reminiscing the year ps2 simulator does not seem perfect, so when the search was not reported too much hope.

After a round of search, the 1.03 version of ppspp was downloaded, and the image of Kui Ye was downloaded and copied. The results are not expected, or a card, estimated 10 frames or so, basically can not play. Ps, my mobile phone is G4, although it is already out of date, but it is not too low configuration. Do not give up, for a basic patapon no special effects to try, surprisingly smooth, and the picture quality is much better than the original psp screen. Afterwards, Isuzu and Ghost Story were downloaded one after another. In general, the default settings can be played smoothly.

The virtual keys played for a long time, because L and R were too distorted when pressed along with the arrow keys or circle X at the top of the screen, and the virtual keys also squeezed the small screen of the mobile phone, so they picked up the handles.

When thinking about the handle, I wanted to make it smaller. When I went out, I could stuff it into the bag and see Sai Rui's very appropriate, but looking at the price, I still silently added alt+F4.

Imagine that when you played the game, you broke n naughty eagles in the North, and therefore, in line with the principle of being too lazy to pick up, you can go straight on x East. The goal is very clear. Bring Bluetooth on the line. Bargains also don't want to have a good feel and design, you can use it, do not delay on the line. Pick the cheapest bat Bluetooth version (What else is the home version, enhanced version, xx version, do not know what the difference is).

As always, x East was sent early the next morning and could not wait to get out of the box.

The black box, nothing to say, written on the side of a variety of parameters, is out of the box after the plastic shell is loaded with a handle, there is a broken manual, broke into the manual can not be broken. I almost thought that this rotten handle could not be used, because the manual was written by holding down the start plus x-key pairing. I pressed n times, completely no response, and almost returned the press, and later did not give up, and randomly pressed random combinations. Eventually it was discovered that it was start plus b-key pairing, which was too frustrating.

Fortunately, matching can be done without setting directly, otherwise it is ironclad to return, bad review 1

I bought a stand together, because I couldn't accept the phone and put it on the desk. It was too small. It felt like I was facing a small monitor, and I felt a little behind the stand.

There are pads on the back and bottom of the contact part between the bracket and the mobile phone, which can protect the mobile phone, but there is no rubber pad on the top surface, and the spring has great strength. If the large-screen machine, the hand will slide and wait for the flower frame. Bad review 2

Fit, there is a buckle behind the handle bracket, it is stable after buckle, praise

The overall handle is designed with reference to the handle of the ps. The contrasting 360 handles on the picture can be seen as a whole circle, and the hand feels definitely inferior to the 360. (The mushrooms of 360 have been damaged by one of me. Cottages)

When you get started, your big friends are not suitable.

The overall feel of the buttons is soft, not too far away from the ps and xb (nonsense, how much is this thing), there is the linkage between the right direction and the easy direction, of course, the North can say my hand is disabled. Rocker head is hard, it's OK.

The mobile phone on the shelf is still tight, right, tight. You can see that I've got a charger behind, because if I don't, I'll change to the following picture.

As mentioned before, the pairing can be paired automatically every time you turn on the phone, which is very convenient.


Open ppspp, no virtual buttons feel too good

Big Falcom, miss

Walking red hair, no delay keys, set to perfectly match the various keys, very convenient.

So far, I have played for more than a dozen hours. I have not encountered problems such as disconnection or delay affecting play, so he is qualified as a handle. In addition to the aforementioned minor issues.

As for any other Android games like xx glory and national xx, I haven't tested it, only playing ppspp games, so I can't evaluate the compatibility, and I don't have any other Bluetooth controllers on my hands, nor do I have horizontal contrasts.

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