VR game "Island 359" to experience a dinosaur era adventure

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VR game studio CloudGate Studio developed a "Island 359" VR survival game has now landed on the steam platform, support HTC Vive helmet, priced at 68 yuan.

"Island 359" is a VR game that competes with dinosaurs, allowing players to experience the survival adventure of the dinosaur era in a virtual reality environment.

Recently, foreign players brought out the latest "Island 359" experience, followed by Baidu VR Xiao Bian to experience the adventure of the next dinosaur world!

The background of the game is the world of dinosaurs, players will be in the jungle, but you will find yourself not the first person to reach the island. There are guns and ammunition on the ground. It seems that many adventurers have come here, but no one Can leave to live. Players need to use any available resources and use their wisdom to fight the island's creatures.

Island 359 game screenshots