Introduction and comparison of three VOD

Tags: VOD NVOD PUSH-VOD IPTV This article refers to the address: http:// First, VOD VOD (Video On Demand) video on demand technology is one of the new business hotspots launched on the Internet in recent years (originally produced in Japan, the central computer system directly transmits movies ----more

Dongbei's self-contained June revenue increased by …

Dongbei’s consolidated revenue for June was NT$711 million, an increase of 19.99% from May and an increase of 37.32% year-on-year, setting a new high in 24 months. Dongbei said that the growth of the month's revenue was mainly driven by the strong demand for backlight products, including ----more

Depu lighting good lights: good use of good

European lamps let people feel its elegant atmosphere; crystal lamps, let people bathe in its dazzling gorgeous; Chinese-style lamps, allowing people to experience the patina of ancient China; LED lamps, leaving people with more impression It is green, environmentally friendly and practica ----more

Overview of the application of secure fieldbus technolo…

Safety control technology has always lagged behind standard control technology. To illustrate this point, let's review the evolution of automated control systems for decades. Thirty years ago, almost all control systems used relay control, but the cost of installation and maintenance was high ----more

Domestic CPU architecture unified hardships

Domestic CPUs have not seen improvement for many years. Recently, they released rumors that will unify the domestic CPU architecture. According to relevant sources, as early as March of this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology had convened related companies and academ ----more

Seoul Semiconductor debuts 5x brightness LED new 'n…

On July 3, 2012, the famous LED professional company - Seoul Semiconductor's new LED product 'nPola' made its debut at the Plaza Hotel in Kyung-dong, Jongno-gu. This product uses the core technology that will lead the next-generation lighting market. The new product 'nPola ----more

The central bank grants digital television payment lice…

On June 28, Beijing time, the People's Bank of China announced today the fourth batch of third payment licenses. At the time of the press release, 92 new companies such as Nanjing Suning Yifubao Network Technology Co., Ltd. won the license. The Central Bank issued the digital televisi ----more