3 big "minefields" in kitchen appliances

Nowadays, more and more small household appliances are beginning to enter people's lives, especially in small kitchen appliances. Their appearance has greatly satisfied people's demand for food, but small household appliances are a double-edged sword. Convenience, but also brings some hidden ----more

After buying it, it’s not a washing machine.

With the gradual lowering of temperature, the washing machine has once again become the most important household appliance in the home, and the number of buyers has surged, becoming the sales darling again. There are also many netizens in the forum asking how to buy, which washing machine is the mos ----more

Warm reminder: the appliance is safer to start in wet w…

In the wet weather, the appliance is safer to open. It has been raining for many days. Not only is the clothes difficult to dry, but even the walls are wet. Some people reported that the quilt stored in the cabinet also gave a pungent musty smell. How to prevent moisture has become a big confusion i ----more

Chinese enterprise OLED layout is in jeopardy

"I am not dissatisfied with the old, this world is changing fast." LED LCD TV has just been popularized in the market, OLED has been identified as the next generation of new flat panel display mainstream technology. The Chinese home appliance industry, which is struggling to chase technolo ----more

LED photovoltaic products have "measurement instru…

Yesterday, the Provincial Quality Inspection Institute revealed that the GO-R5000 photometric distribution test system cooperated by the Provincial Quality Inspection Institute and the Fujian Provincial Architectural Design Institute was completed and officially put into use. This is the first GO-R5 ----more

The overcapacity of China's LED industry does not n…

The Chinese LED industry started in the 1970s. In the early Chinese LED industry, LED chips and chip manufacturing were short, and the LED chips used depended on imports. However, after more than 30 years of development, it has now constituted an intact industrial chain from upstream epitaxy and ch ----more