Suning Gome will get virtual operator license

Li Haiying, director of the Legal Research Department of the Policy and Economic Research Institute of the Institute of Telecommunication Research of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, stated that Suning and Gome may appear on the second or third batch of virtual operator ----more

Proficient in signal processing design Tips (6): How is…

The author, maxfiner, graduated from Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology with a master's degree in signal and information processing. Maxfiner has worked in the wireless communication department of Huawei Communication Technology Co., Ltd., and has ma ----more

[Photos] The most amazing robot technology inventory

On October 9, NASA's Juno spacecraft flew over the Earth, and it needed to use Earth's gravity to get the thrust needed to reach Jupiter. On October 7, 2013, Atlas, a two-legged humanoid robot developed mainly by American robotics Boston Dynamics, performed Tai Chi at a press ----more

ADLINK's industrial-grade mobile computing solution…

A professional manufacturer of modular embedded computing platform-ADLINK presented the latest smart touch computer, high-brightness smart screen and industrial-grade mobile handheld data terminal solutions on November 16-21, 2013. The China International High-Tech Achievement ----more

Research on the Influence of Color Rendering of LED Gen…

First, the principle and purpose The degree to which a light source appears to the color of an object is called color rendering, which is the degree of color fidelity. The light source with high color rendering has better color reproduction, and the color we see is closer to the natural primary co ----more

Jingdian increased capital of 54 million US dollars to …

Jingdian will expand its production at the request of customers and will expand its capital expenditure next year. It is expected to spend US$54 million to expand production in Xiamen and Shandong. The situation of the LED industry next year is better than this year. Jingdian plans to invest US$34 ----more

LED industry's future development direction

After a new understanding of the LED industry, LED companies have accelerated the pace of listing, mergers and acquisitions and other capital and market integration, will promote the major adjustments in the pattern of the LED industry. In the next few years, the LED industry may develop i ----more