Strong LED demand in 2010 faces supply shortage

According to iSuppli, the market regulator, in 2010, the supply of global light-emitting diodes (LEDs) will face a shortage. If the production capacity of LEDs does not increase, then in 2010, the market will end up with a serious shortage of equipment. In 2009, the total sales of LEDs reached 63 ----more

Several issues to be aware of in the design of outdoor …

First, Outdoor Lighting designers must consider the working environment of outdoor LED lamps Due to the complicated working environment, Led Outdoor Lighting fixtures are affected by natural conditions such as temperature, ultraviolet light, humidity, rain, rain, sand, and chemical ----more

Mobile phone PCB reliability design

The increase in the functionality of mobile phones has become increasingly demanding on PCB design. With the arrival of a round of Bluetooth devices, cellular phones and the 3G era, engineers are paying more and more attention to the design techniques of RF circuits. This article refers to the a ----more

"Patent Gate" stuck in China LED Shenzhen ent…

"Recently, two Shenzhen LED (light-emitting diode) companies have encountered patent litigation overseas, and finally ended up with compensation for settlement." Shi Shirong, executive vice president of Shenzhen LED Industry Association, recently worried about this. Similar to the past D ----more

Create a high-profile building energy-saving industry e…

April 30 In the morning, the “2010 China·Qingdao International New Energy Forum and Sino-German Enterprise Cooperation and Development Summit” jointly sponsored by the National Development and Reform Commission and other eight ministries and commissions was grandly opened at the Sha ----more

The gap in the LED lighting industry in China needs to …

The rapid development of the LED lighting industry has attracted great attention from the state. At present, there is still a certain gap between China's semiconductor lighting technology and industry level compared with foreign countries, and it still faces some problems that need to be solved ----more

Design innovation to mobilize LED market potential

The competition of LED in the lighting application market is inseparable from technological innovation and design innovation. For most of the developing LED companies, the technical reserves are relatively weak compared with the foreign LED giants. It is obviously a shortcut to achieve rapid develo ----more