Industry elites gather for the first 5G RF technology

According to experts in the wireless field, it is expected that by 2020, 5G cellular networks will be expected to produce two new null intermediaries and new antenna designs based on emerging Massive MIMO technology. At the same time, LTE will break through the Gbit/s bottlene ----more

Smart phone "system" can people

In the era of intelligence, people are accidentally "made". Advise the kings that when it comes to human intelligence, don't be lazy and try to get rid of the "walking stick" of smart phones. After all, people should not become vassals of smart products. IDC recent ----more

Lisida: High-power LED lighting products unveiled at 20…

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Xu Chaopeng] Under the promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection policies, LED lighting products began to sell well in the market. High-power LED lighting products used in street lighting, commercial lighting, public lighting and other fields have al ----more

Delip: Series dimmable LED power supply shiny 2014 high…

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Gan Qin] As a professional manufacturer of LED lighting power supply, 80% of Delip Optoelectronics' products are directly or indirectly exported. It has "DALI" high-end LED control technology and "see my" cost-effective driver. Both brands have b ----more

Flip chip coming to accelerate LED package**

With the increasing competition for dress code chips, mid-stream packaging companies are thinking about how to get rid of the increase in profits, a new chip packaging process has attracted the attention of the industry, and many industry insiders even predict that this process will become ----more

Likoda full range of COB small angle lens landing 2014 …

[Text|High -tech LED reporter Long Zonghui] Shenzhen Likeda Optoelectronics, which is positioned in the middle and high-end, has brought a full range of small-angle COB lenses, which has attracted industry attention. According to Hu Lihua, deputy general manager of the Likoda Optoelectronics TV Di ----more

Five innovative technologies are coming, mobile devices…

Mobile technology is a critical part of the Nexus of Forces, which will revolutionize the way people interact with technology, information, and people. Coupled with the continued expansion of the mobile device space and the inclusion of a variety of connected objects, mobile t ----more