VR era opens - SONY Sony PlayStation PS VR virtual reality device experience evaluation


After experiencing Google Cardboard, I am very excited about the full immersive experience of VR. This year is the first year of VR. As a digital enthusiast, there is no VR device that can't be justified. Since it has always enjoyed the game on the ps platform and is also the supporter of SONY Dafa, this time decisively recharging Playstation VR. (abbreviated PSVR below)

For an introduction to vr devices, refer to my original:

VR device literacy and paper shell VR software recommended

About buying

When buying the PSVR for the first time, he was unable to go to the physical store because he was at work; neither Tmall nor Jingdong had grabbed it;

When the second snapped up, he decided to go to the store to help his wife to snap up and eventually grab the second batch of purchase qualifications!

Record Record

A poster from the entrance to the shop

Oh my vr is about to ship

The vr experience area in Wangfujing has been placed in the most prominent position of the storefront

Full of rewards

Out of the box

↑sony's domineering big bag, saying that vr's packaging is really big

↑vr basic set, only body and camera

On the back of the package, with a blue background on the side of the package

One-time plastic seal

↑ Open the package, a bracket, the middle is the camera, the left and right two spaces are the handles

After removing the stand, it is the packaging of the vr body

↑vr body package, all white

↑Open the top cover of the package, there is a kind of chest feeling, blue booklet for the manual

↑ Nice three accessory packages

↑Pack open

Remove the accessories, the rest is the vr body

Come on a family portrait

Ok, out of the box. The overall design style of the PSVR package and the PlayStation remain the same, with blue as the theme color; the treasure box-like packaging gives the player a feeling of treasure!

Appearance (PSVR+MOVE)

First official map

↑ Official PSVR Accessories


↑vr body front

The back of the eye, the two lenses that the glasses look at? screen?

↑ side, ps logo and packaging film protection

↑ Back elastic adjustment button

↑ Unlock button, hold down this button to stretch the front and rear of the vr

↑ bottom button, put on, you can adjust the front and rear position of the monitor before and after

↑vr control button, control switch, volume adjustment

The overall weight of the vr headset is very light, really light! There is no sense of weight when worn for a long time. The appearance is very scientific and technical, the remote control button is very convenient after taking the device!


↑vr adapter, it's called a black box

The black box actually takes into account the role of the power adapter + video streaming, and it is used for signal conversion from the PS4 → Black box → VR device (and black box → TV).

There is a small fan on the back of the small black box, but in actual play, the sound of the fan is hardly heard.

The black box has a mechanism to hide the HDMI cable output to the VR device.

↑ interface close-up, small black box video signal interface, are all marked with triangle, O, X, square

There is also a line on the line that cannot be inserted incorrectly.

↑vr to box connection

↑Power adapter, very small

↑ gift HDMI cable

Compared to sony's other equipment, the accessories are really too much! ! ! It is very inconvenient to store it. . .

Finally comes with a camera out of the box, this time with the country's camera is a new version of the camera!


↑Camera package front

After opening, it is divided into two parts: camera and stand

Two camera glasses, good Meng

↑ stand, can be fixed on the TV or on the table

↑ and xbox 360 kinect do a comparison, so small

Connection + first time setup

If you want to connect the accessories mentioned above, it is really a big project!

First connection

Draw a sketch for everyone:

↑ps4 and vr connection diagram, arrows for data direction

↑After the connection, there is a chaos (the millet box on the top left is ignored)

Small black box close-up

Like the PS4, the black box also has lighting effects

First time configuration

Connected after booting, enter the first configuration:

↑VR settings in PS4 settings → peripherals

PSThere are PSVRs in peripheral devices

↑ ↑ 打开 打开 ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑

After the connection is successful, the update is prompted, and the download is updated in about 2 minutes.

↑ Start setting up VR now

The middle part includes how to wear VR equipment. If it is adjusted, it is step by step, so we will not go into details here.

↑ Adjust the headset, this page is very important.

Here's a trick. The VR device is low and high and looks clearer. The first time I took it was a little vague and dizzy. Later , after being low and high , I was not obscured. I didn't feel dizzy after playing for a long time.

↑ Final setup is complete

Interpupillary distance adjustment

In addition to the physical location conditions, PSVR also provides software for adjusting the interpupillary distance. You can adjust the definition of the video signal for different people's interpupillary distance. Sure enough, Dafa black technology!

The default is 63mm, the final test I am 65mm

Live wear

After the ↑vr device is turned on, there will be bright light around

↑ front, side style

The front light is actually a camera, which is used to capture the player's head's spatial position and facilitate interaction in the game.

Look at the news, the current version of VR, if the player is bald, the positioning may appear biased in the game, what is the reflection of the bald head, you know!

The following games have officially started playing!

Theater mode trial

I tried many angles from the perspective of a VR device and tried to visualize the actual playing scene, but all failed. . . So there is no picture, only the feelings.


The picture quality is not as good as expected, it looks less than 720p, and it looks like a layer of screens. But the text can be seen clearly. It is acceptable to play in the cinema mode. But it must be a far cry from the TV/monitor. At present, HTC vive's picture quality is slightly better than PSVR, but it is also limited.


Theater mode is available in 3 sizes

In the case of theater mode play, it is recommended to open the middle size play. The display is used when there is no suitable display device (such as a business trip) or when the home display device is not enough. I played 60 minutes of radiation 4, still quite cool ~

Vr mode experience

VR mode experienced 2 games, The PlayRoom VR and PlayStation VR DEMO.

The PlayRoom VR

The game is completely free of charge, with 5 mini-games and 2 to 5 game games. It is a type of family love.


It's a bit like the "Royal Haunted House" on 3ds. In a room, VR players use the handle to control the light to shine (VR players can't see ghosts). The handle player tells the VR player if there is a ghost through the illuminated light, informing the VR player to press The touchpad sucks the ghost into the handle. 2 people playing together is very happy

As the game is too exciting, forget to take pictures, the following pictures are screenshots of the evaluation video from vgtime,

Western Gunner

VR players: There are several people in front of them, one of them is a wanted criminal who needs to handle the player to prompt to shoot

Handle player: Tell the VR player what to expect during a specified time, as shown in the left-hand corner of the face

The game requires two people to play with each other. When playing, the two interact very happy!

Cats and mice

This game is suitable for 5 people to play, and the more people the better!

VR player: As a cat, behind the drape, seeing the mouse moving, stick out his head and catch the mouse

Handle player: When the mouse, up to four, the left joystick controls the movement, the cat will move when it pops the head, will be caught, steal all the cheese on the screen even if the victory!

The cat and the mouse test each other and secretly have fun!

Big monster

The same is an adversarial game:

VR player: When the monster, the first half chases the handle player; the latter half avoids the attack of the handle player

Handle players: When the little robot, escape in the first half to escape the monster; in the second half, attack the monster, revenge!

Rescue robot

This is a game where two people work together. VR players and handle players, through cooperation, rescue as many small robots as possible.

Grabbing a doll

This game can only be played by VR players alone. Simulating a doll catcher, the dolls caught by the player can be placed in a small room in the game, which is very interesting! This game is the most creative one for VR devices, handles, and cameras. It is recommended to try!

Overall, this game is suitable for people to play, positioning as family love, also shows the strong interaction of VR, in the game, the player's handle will also be different in different scenes according to the camera capture, For example, the gunman became a gun. This game is a game like PSVR, and it's free!

PlayStation VR DEMO

The game is actually a trial of many VR games. Recommend a few!

PlayStation® VR Worlds

Players will go deep into the sea from the sea and enjoy 360° panoramic view of the VR world


Players fight in a fighter memorandum, and feel full of imagination. Imagine yourself playing in the EVA. What a cool way!


As the best racing game on the PS4 platform, the picture quality in the VR version has plummeted, but the overall driving simulation experience is still good.

Take a few pictures

TumbleTM VR

This game should be recommended, players use the handle to control the blocks in the screen, stacked according to the requirements of each level of different heights, very interesting!


This game is completely free on PSN! The whole process is to watch a small movie like a puppet show. According to the position of the player's head, 360% of the movie scene can be watched. The experience is very good! highly recommended! !

to sum up


The real picture is less than 720P. When there is actual play, there is a feeling across the screen window. It is acceptable to play in the theater mode and it is suitable for temporary play.


With the interaction of the camera, the 360° viewing angle and the sense of space control are very good!

Purchase suggestion

It is recommended that you have a certain amount of money to purchase VR students, or loyal players of ps platform games.

The first-generation PSVR device has only a slight lack of quality, and accessories and lines are slightly more than that. The experience is very good! I hope to achieve the same picture quality experience as 1080p TV when the 2nd generation product is released. It is perfect!