Can be installed is a blessing - dpark suit use feelings (Public measure first post)

Recently there was always a desire to look in the mirror to see where I had changed, so that all the monks with eyes higher than the top suddenly turned my brand. Although it was just a measure, it was clearly inclined to authorize sesame credit worthy friends. Although I opened the authorization only to transfer my sister's hai paper early, but in the end it still caused public opinion kings to look at me like ordinary people, and even thought that there was no fate in this life, the first post was finally arrived, and the next step was Exciting moments. Gold coins! Well, now that some gold coins don’t respect the results of my labor and all the hard-nosed selections by the king, I’ll also ask you to be patient.

First, simply open the box

Waiting for a long time and finally waiting for these words, it is estimated that so many people scrambling as the emperor and I are the same mood? Just for bigger's full sneer, I said: The value is up ~ The e-mail received very early, who said that Hainan is a remote area? ! A lot of friends haven't received the goods yet! Heavenly Ma's home...

After opening the bag was a plastic bag, which was fragile and carefully opened or broken. Fortunately there was a bag inside and it was strong.

From the start of the poetry, the pit of the potential.

Large photo

Small pictures, from top to bottom, are data lines, cell phone frames, and storage bags.

1, data line

The quality of the box is very good, it is very close to put a piece of two-head cardboard to facilitate the removal of the contents.

2, mobile phone box

3, storage package

At first it felt like the box was going to spit, and it looked really thick and open.

4, briefcase

Second, the appearance, structure, material and other basic parameters measured  

The same as the next introduction, see the picture speak.

1, data lines: stainless steel buckle, spring adduction gap, cortical body, data line envelope material is leather, visual inspection is vegetable tanned leather. The head of the data should be sprayed with matt paint, and a small data line is suddenly bigger. In fact, the most satisfactory in the entire package is this small piece. Simple, beautiful, practical and lightweight.

2, mobile phone box. To call it a mobile phone box, because it compares with the typical mobile phone case, it is too exposed ... Is there a kind of Bikini girl back view both sense ... In order to avoid the tragedy of hands-on white, detailed instructions for the installation steps. According to the survey page, it is too ~ air ~ aluminum ~ material, is it put on after the phone will be able to heaven it? (I found that I was not suitable for serious evaluations at all, so all the judges did not turn my brand on.)

Really light material, very strong. The hole for the camera is reserved. Of course, I forgot the reservation model number, there is a 6s empty, I received a plus box... See here for the same period, if you are interested, please exchange with me, I can postage. Screws are small, hexagonal holes with spare screws and screwdrivers

Inside the four-cornered protective sleeve is a thin velvet texture, unscrew the screw to find a fixed slot line, shoot chicken wet really careful patience (OK, put another way is not obsessive-compulsive ill patients) home.

3, canvas storage package. Thick, solid, in short, there is not much to do with light and thin, but I do not think this is a disadvantage, as the other way of saying that the package is not strong is short-lived. After the storage bag is unfolded, the size is about 2040cm. There are six storage spaces, two short and four long, with different sizes. You can look at the pictures. Some of the storage spaces are cleverly designed with buttons and buttons for capacity control. There are also buttons in the corners, which can be folded to a size of 2020. Pen points and key-holdings are also provided.

4, handle the briefcase. As the protagonist is still a few pictures, after all, is more complicated than other small parts.

This color is hard to describe. In order to bring out the colors, I took a few things for comparison. The white bags, the khaki-colored boxes, and the yellow grapefruit skin forgave me for being bohemian. The color is still khaki color it, but there will be reflective luster, it is very texture. Sorry for not trying it out many times.

The size is about 403210 in length, width, and height, and it's very big. I don't know if I can hold it.

To a few details, work finer. The gloss and alignment of the leather goods give a lot of color to the whole, and it is hoped that the durability will not be too bad. In order to shoot the lining "no doubt no way" I also fight.

Third, the function measured

1, data lines. The function of the data line is not, charging it...

Connect charging treasure and iPad mini effect. After a simple test, the charging efficiency is normal, and the 10000mAh capacity charging treasure, which used to consume about half of the power consumption of the original data line, is used once, and it feels that the power consumption is about 3/4, and when it is used The original will be longer. Do not know if this meter is certified by Apple? Convenient or very convenient, just put it in the bag or find a button to hang on, do not wrap the line do not have to worry about being wrapped ...

2, mobile phone protection box. Since I can't borrow the iPhone6s plus temporarily, I just use my beer ~~ Plass to temporarily replace it, the main purpose is to test his irony and protection. The more you look like bikini straps. From the figure, it can be seen that the protection of the four corners is quite thorough, and the thickness of the four corner protection frames and the structure of the crisscrossing guarantee that the mobile phone can withstand most of the impact force when falling down. Tell everybody, since I'm a new mobile phone, I won't do a high drop test. The four-cornered screws are very tight. After mounting, they should be very stable. Don't worry about manually unscrewing them. However, space aluminum can actually bend at a certain angle, so my p9 size is not entirely suitable, and it can be loaded into it.

After installing it, it also has a certain protective effect on the screen and the back. I used the red line to draw the perspective of the mobile phone screen and the backplane and the desktop. The level of the p chart is too bad. Please force me to laugh at me. I think this is a slight distance from the ground to determine the screen will not be broken. Those who are interested are really doing some drop experiments. I really want to know the results. The upper half is the gap on the back, much larger than the previous gap.

3, admission package. The so-called good bag is to be able to hold it, for people like me to go out and love to bring a bunch of objects. The upper part of the figure is the item to be loaded, and the lower part and the second picture are the various angle effects after the installation.

The bag said he wanted to spit. I said you couldn't bear it any longer. There are several side effects.

4. Compare the hand-luggage briefcase with my existing Crazy Horse commuter bag. Or that sentence, the important ability of the bag is that it can be installed. Cuihua, the zipper that can be pulled to the bottom determines the enormous storage capacity.

It looks like the crocodile opened his mouth. Four small pockets and a laptop.

Inner pocket storage capacity. The longest inner pocket with long wallet and charging treasure are easy to earn.

After the HDD Pack and iPad mini have been put in, it feels... well lonely...

Two package size comparison

Compared to the weight, the size of the briefcase is large and slightly lighter.

To make a simple comparison, put the following stack of stuff into two packages and see the final result. The bag said, I do not want to spit, I just want to

I plug it. It was still very elegant at first.

Afterwards, it was totally uncontrollable. Crazy horse commuter bag first fell, zipper has not been pulled, left hard disk box and laptop.

Handle the briefcase slightly better, the remaining notebook. The appearance does not seem to spit.

The interior is also relatively calm. Looks like you can put a notebook into it again.

Fourth, the advantages and disadvantages

1. Data Line: Advantages : Clever design, easy to carry, no obvious difference in charging speed and experience from the original line, leather and iron to enhance texture and durability, is a seemingly inconspicuous but more practical to use more product. The spring-receiving notched retainer does not know how many times humanity is more than the traditional stacked-ring key retainer ring. In order to add a new key to the retainer, it is hard to nail the rhythm of the nail. Disadvantages : It may be used as a test item, but it is not put into production, or it is designed to ensure the durability of the buckle opening, resulting in a poor fit of the opening of the buckle, and no way to automatically snap back in. The introduction can be used as a keychain. However, the design of small size buckles and leather buckles is not at all realistic to realize this function. Even if a key is attached, the style of a key or a data line will make the design lose its beauty and comfort.

2, mobile phone box: Advantages: For mobile phones, the main part of the damage and fall is the four corners and the screen, this cell phone frame can be described as in place for the protection of the four corners, flannel lining, lightweight and flexible space aluminum and The cross structure theoretically can play a better protection role against the drop impact of the mobile phone. The thickness design of the four corners also ensures that all angles of the mobile phone, including the screen and the back, are kept at a certain distance from the contacted plane. The appearance is also relatively novel, and the color of space aluminum is more striking. Disadvantages: In addition to the four corners of the bump can not be fully taken into account, disassembly requires the use of a special hexagonal internal thread screwdriver can be carried out, the back of the cross feel personal not like it very much. See you.

3, admission package. Advantages : The material is thick and reliable, the design buttons are extra points, and the storage capacity is very strong. That is, it can be installed in particular, and the messy items can be sorted together in an instant, and the time taken is more convenient. It is not indiscriminate and used when it is used. Looking for a half-day kind of admission method, especially for my obsessive intensive care patients. Disadvantages : easy to dirty, careful observation of the officer, you will find that in fact the pen has accidentally left a point inside the package. The pen design is not very scientific. The pen cap does not completely cover the position of the collar. Otherwise, the pen will stick out of the underside of the storage bag. This will lead to easy removal. The result of the pen's escaping is usually that it leaks the ink. To no.

4, handle the briefcase. Advantages: Appearance, see people, personally feel that although it can not be done on the high-end atmosphere, but the design is more generous, suitable for office workers commuting and short-distance business trips, Beige with micro-reflective material and detailed crazy horse skin can match perfectly, Not at all low. On the workmanship, hardware, leather goods, magnet fasteners, steel trademarks, and traces all show that this is a carefully crafted product. A detailed evaluation of the storage capacity has been made, and the storage capacity is very strong. Disadvantages: The size is suitable for tall men. The design of the handle alone has always been unaccustomed to me. The result of the absence of a strap was that ... one person, one bag, and strong Chinese. Can't stand still, for a hand-wrapped bag with a width of 1040 at the bottom, the need to find the backrest or the small one shows that the grasp of the product details is not quite in place.

5, a slot. Too many flags. Simple a set of four items, contains a large number of trademarks, logos, slogans, perhaps the company's advertising and packaging ideas and me different, but compared to Apple, it is simply too complicated, Apple five English People who do not understand letters can recognize a rotten apple that has been bitten. For users, it takes more time and exposure to build awareness and familiarity with the brand. Look at the picture below to know what I want to say, word horse.

In general, this is a business suit that is really designed and produced with a little thought.

In the old rules, thank you very much for all your rewards. Please vigorously use the gold coins!

the above.