A good choice for transition - Blue Bluetooth Speaker

Written in the front of the article: This is not a dry article, just a sun list. In addition, this audio price 30 yuan file, just suitable for listening to a ring, but hoping to bring a lost aid to the transitional friends, That's it.

There has been no need for Bluetooth audio, so before this Bluetooth audio has not been concerned about, some time ago the son of kindergarten carried out a child education class, LD took the child to listen to, and then came back and ordered the purchase of audio. I started to search in the family of Yanjia, Wangjia, and Aunt! (PS. Now, no matter what you buy, you should search on Auntie's home to find out what you valued as a detoxifier. Look at the pros and cons of the product. LD said that it was a disease and I was already ill and had no cure! )

A look to find such a variety of Bluetooth stereo, that choose a Bluetooth stereo is very simple, but LD has added several conditions: 1, support Bluetooth; 2, portable; 3, long battery life; 4, support USB or SD card. In the middle of this, I had a lot of heartbeats, but my wife said that the music I listened to had elegant piano music and symphonies. In order to give the child a better feeling, I decided to go home for a long-dreamed home theater program (for LD: This is to give you and your child hearing and visual enjoyment. I don't normally watch TV, I still have to brush my aunt and I'm happy, so my purchase goal is from these classic products:

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II - Black

JBL Pulse 2 Musical Pulse 2 Colorful Bluetooth Speaker

JBL GO Music Brick

Converted into the following 30 yuan file transition audio.

This sound is recommended by valued friends. Buy at home:

There is no defect in the package. This is the better package I have seen.

Inside the ultra-thin corrugated carton is our Core Blue sound. Take it!

Basically the sound information of the outer package is already clear.

Simple seal, tear it!

Fortunately, it is not a high-end product. If this level of assembly is directly given a bad rating! The top is the power cord

Not introduced, because there is no good introduction. Directly on family portrait

Simple family portrait can't be simpler.

Data line close-up

The sound looks good.

KITTY. Jackson

On the left is the pause and Bluetooth phone answer button. Long press is to switch the music mode (actually two modes, one is Bluetooth mode and the other is music (USB) mode). The middle single point is the previous one, the next one, and the long press is that the volume is reduced and the volume is increased. The far right is the opening key.

There are four rubber pads underneath the sound. The anti-skid effect is good and will not move on the table.

The chrysanthemum part is a USB interface, an MP3-link interface, and a micr-USB charging interface (5V·1A).

Bluetooth connection, turn on the Bluetooth we can see RL-366 this is Rui blue Bluetooth audio.

Turning on flyme's own music software, there are actually two songs that Ma Yun sang at the 2016 Hangzhou-Yunqi conference. Listen to important events and say it three times.

Or come to normal

There is no tide point, but after all it is 30 yuan. Suitable for children to listen to ancient poetry recitation! It was such a delightful decision! Home theater make it!


There is a red light on the right which is the power indicator. It is always on after the power is turned on. The blue light on the left is the bluetooth indicator. The connection to the Bluetooth is also a flash status.

Music mode (USB mode), the Bluetooth indicator is off.

To use this time synthetically, say the following feelings:

1, cheap, cheap, cheap. Why put it on the first, because the 30 yuan sound is not a luxury for anything. Listen to the ring on the line.

2, transition, transition, transition. This is just a transitional product. I want to listen to good sound effects or to professional equipment.

3, USB mode, U disk content can not be too much, then there will be a variety of ghost phenomenon.

The sound is really loud.

5, no battery, outdoor must use mobile power to solve the problem of electricity.