How does Konka TV A49U pick up microphone k song?

The Konka/Konka A49U is a 49” 4K ultra-clear 10 core smart led LCD flat panel TV. Using LG original 4K ultra high definition IPS hard screen, resolution up to, using 64-bit A53 chip, equipped with Mali720 4-core GPU, VPU 2 drinking video processor and NEON 2 core co-processor, the body running faster and more stable, processing 4K The picture is super fast and the color control ability is strong. The Konka A49U is equipped with an easy-to-use 5.0 operating system based on the Android 4.4 system's deep optimization and is designed with an immersive UI mode.

Prepare materials:

Konka A49U

Microphone karaoke set



1, find the earphone hole on the TV

2, find a 1 minute 2 audio cable

3, using 1 minute 2 audio cable black termination TV headset hole, red and white microphone microphone singing host INPUT red and white input jack

4, and then use the audio cable to connect the microphone singing microphone host OUTPUT red and white output jack to the audio input (the specific connection line can be determined according to the audio input jack)

5. You can sing songs by installing sing software on TV, such as cool k song, mie sing, king of karaoke, etc.

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