Tianlong Optoelectronics' first MOCVD official delivery market approval will take time

[New Industry Reporter / Luo Gemei]

On December 17, Tianlong Optoelectronics (300029.SZ) Dongshou Lu Song revealed to the "New Industry" that "According to customer requirements, the company's MOCVD equipment will not be shipped to customers until December 12."

“After the device reaches the client, it will take 3 to 6 months to debug, and of course it may be faster.” Lu Song is optimistic.

In fact, on September 11, Tianlong Optoelectronics announced that Jiangsu Zhonghao Semiconductor Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongyi Company”), a subsidiary of the company, has signed a MOCVD equipment sales contract with a customer. And said that in late October and early November, after the completion of commissioning, the company can be shipped to customers.

It is reported that Zhongyu Company realized the MOCVD production model off the assembly line on January 18 of this year. At the beginning of November, the development of the process and the further improvement and optimization of the equipment, as well as the necessary conditions and facilities for the industrial production of the equipment, were completed.

In this regard, the management team of Zhonghao said that the shipment of the first MOCVD equipment is only a phased outcome. Although the long-term monopoly of MOCVD equipment has been broken, there will be various challenges in achieving the goal of localization of MOCVD equipment. It is necessary to continuously improve performance to meet customer needs and obtain inspection and approval in the market.

Lu Song told reporters that after receiving funding of 15 million yuan from Jiangsu Science and Technology Department in mid-October, the company will continue to apply for subsidies from the local government, on the one hand for the technical research and development of the company's MOCVD equipment, and on the other hand for customers. The funds generated during the commissioning of the MOCVD equipment. “It is uncertain about the proportion of specific subsidies to customers.”

Lu Song said that there are already 5 or 6 intentional customers who have visited the company for field visits and are verifying various technical indicators and processes.

On December 14, Zhao Jinrong, president of Northern Microelectronics Co., Ltd., said at the High-tech LED Conference that the domestic LED high-end process localization equipment has made initial progress, but domestic MOCVD equipment still has a long way to go.

In recent years, MOCVD has started research and development of machines in the form of enterprise operation. Before 2011, nearly 20 units in China were in research and development, most of which were enterprises. After 2011, only five or six units were conducting research and development, including three or four. The home has completed assembly and commissioning and entered the process test phase.

“But so far, there is no mature equipment that can be mass-produced on the production line.” Zhao Jinrong said frankly that there are some problems with domestic equipment, mainly because it has just been launched, some aspects are not mature, and it is more important than foreign equipment. The risk, but with the domestic equipment gradually moving towards more enterprises, the localization of LED equipment in the future is an inevitable trend.

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