LG's new generation of multi-door refrigerators will make your storage space "infinite" zoom

After the traditional design was broken in the “Magic Space in the Door”, the new multi-door refrigerator launched by LG Electronics was officially launched with the concept of “variable space” after replacing the heavy and energy consumption of the door with the lightness of the small door. LG's new generation of multi-door refrigerators have once again innovated, with a smart space design and large space chilled and frozen design to bring consumers a different winter storage experience. It is understood that this multi-door refrigerator has multiple highlights, including "six independent closing combinations", "99.99% antibacterial filter", "linear inverter compressor" and so on.

"Various space" can be combined to save energy and save energy

LG's new generation of multi-door refrigerators has a "six independent closing combination" function. In the two modes of the refrigerator compartment opening and closing, LG's new multi-door refrigerator intelligent greenhouse can realize three transformation modes of refrigerating, freezing and closing. Six ways to close the combination. With the support of this function, when you are traveling or not using the refrigerator for a long time, you can close the refrigerator and change the greenhouse, store the food in the freezer or close some storage space. These six different combinations make it easy to achieve large refrigeration, large freezing, and easy storage to achieve energy-saving and low-cost quality life requirements.

In large families, there are often different food storage needs. Whether it is to store a large number of fresh fruits and vegetables in the winter, or there is a great demand for refrigeration in the summer, a storage space that can adjust the temperature according to demand can solve the problems of the housewives. The new LG multi-door refrigerator is a fusion of cutting-edge technology, beautiful appearance and internal storage space to meet your needs for multi-door refrigerators. LG's new multi-door refrigerator has a 7°~-17° intelligent wide-width change greenhouse, which makes the realization of the large freezer room a reality, and easily solves the long-term business people and the families with large demand for freezing.

The core technology inherits the "Energy Star" to create a green living space

As a member of the honorary family of "Energy Star" and "Healthy Fashion Brand", LG's new multi-door refrigerator naturally inherits the blood of energy conservation and environmental protection, and is another masterpiece of LG Electronics' commitment to environmental protection.

LG Electronics' core patented technology, the linear inverter compressor, has become more mature after 20 years of production practice, not only bringing better cooling effect to the new multi-door refrigerator, but also making the stability and durability of the refrigerator operation. Get full protection. At the same time, LG "linear inverter compressor" can also intelligently detect the internal and external storage conditions of the refrigerator, effectively reduce energy consumption, maintain a constant temperature storage environment of the refrigerator, effectively reduce power consumption, effectively achieve energy saving and emission reduction, while extending the service life of the refrigerator. More environmentally friendly. The commitment of 10 years of repair also reflects LG Electronics' full confidence in its products.

“99.99% antibacterial filter” Antibacterial deodorant is more powerful

The “99.99% antibacterial filter” pioneered by LG Electronics has been very popular among users since its launch, and its antibacterial and net odor has been greatly benefited by users. Nowadays, in LG's new generation of multi-door refrigerators, users can enjoy the extremely clean refrigerator storage experience brought by "99.99% antibacterial filter".

According to tests, a family refrigerator has an average of 4.75 million bacteria per 100 square centimeters, 27 times that of a TV remote control and 164 times that of a computer keyboard. LG “99.99% antibacterial filter” uses kimchi lactic acid bacteria extract, which can be easily removed from dust, microorganisms, fungi and bacteria after four stages of purification. Certified by China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, “99.99% antibacterial filter” can effectively reduce odor, antibacterial rate is up to 99.99%, and deodorization rate is over 90%. As a result, consumers no longer have to worry about food odor and mildew. And other issues.

Appearance, LG's new multi-door refrigerator uses the overall tempered glass panel, so that the body is straight and natural, the material is wear-resistant and corrosive, easier to clean and care, so that you can easily enjoy your winter quality life.

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