LED lighting changes the trend

LED lighting changes the trend As the style of home furnishings has gradually become richer and more diversified, the transformation of a single incandescent light bulb into a color-changing, variable-shape LED lamp has become a general trend.

From October 1, 2012, it is forbidden to sell and import incandescent lamps for general lighting of 100 watts or more; by October 1, 2016, it is prohibited to sell and import incandescent lamps for general lighting of 15 watts or more, which means incandescent lamps. It will gradually withdraw from the historical stage, and it will be used in the lighting market of home lighting in the future. LED light sources have a bright future.

LED lamps have become a new trend. No matter whether it is the introduction of new policies or the needs of people for green energy-saving life, it is timely to say goodbye to incandescent lamps. Keeping up with the trend of international development, and fully considering the characteristics of China's own locality, it has integrated the decorativeness and practicality of home accessories, which has not only been recognized by consumers, but also allowed many franchisees to find an investment project with market potential. .

Today, LED lamps are used more and more widely, not only in urban construction, but also in home decoration. It is reported that in August this year, the Ministry of Science and Technology released the "12th Five-Year Plan" for the development of semiconductor lighting technology. By 2015, the scale of China's semiconductor lighting industry will reach 500 billion yuan, and the cost of LED lighting products will be reduced to 2011. 1/5, the share in the general lighting market should reach 30%. It can be foreseen that more and more LED lighting fixtures will be used in home decoration and interior decoration in the future, and LED will become the main force in the lighting industry in the future development process.

In many people's minds, the city only has the taste of reinforced concrete and automobile exhaust. Therefore, people who live in the city also yearn for green life, and home life is an inseparable part of it. Like LED lamps, it is the love of people. As we all know, the traditional incandescent light has a service life of only 1,000 hours. Although the production cost is relatively low, it is a kind of pollution when it is disposed of as waste. It will easily cause inestimable impact on the environment, and at the same time, its infrared component is high and it is The radiation is great. LED lighting is not the case, according to professionals, LED lamp life can be up to 50,000 hours, is more than 50 times the ordinary incandescent light, fluorescent lamp is more than 10 times. LED lamps do not contain mercury in the light source, the light does not contain ultraviolet, infrared radiation, soft light, no noise, help protect eyesight and physical health.

The LED lamp has the advantages of energy saving and high efficiency, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long service life, pure light color, high stability, strong safety, environmental protection, and other unmatched advantages of traditional light sources, and is a low-carbon, Green and environmentally friendly lighting technology is recognized as one of the most promising high-tech fields in the 21st century.

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