Suning Gome will get virtual operator license

Suning Gome will get virtual operator license Li Haiying, director of the Legal Research Department of the Policy and Economic Research Institute of the Institute of Telecommunication Research of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, stated that Suning and Gome may appear on the second or third batch of virtual operators.

Prior to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the first batch of virtual operator licenses were issued to 11 private enterprises including Wanwang, Leyu Communications, Huaxiang Lixin, Tianyin Communications and Jingdong. However, Suning and Gome, who had previously been highly vocal, were "lost."

In this regard, Li Haiying believes that Suning and Gome "can not be lost." The first batch of wholesale license companies submitted their applications to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology very early on, because after the submission of the application, there was a series of review work. Suning and Gome may not have done so quickly; and it is not that the submission will be passed soon. During the audit process, the company will need some information to be replenished.

According to industry insiders, unlike the 11 companies that won the first batch of licenses, Suning and Gome's biggest advantage is the distribution of thousands of chain stores throughout the country. If Suning succeeds in winning the license, it can not only launch mobile communication services on the PC side, mobile side, and TV side, but also use the store to perform landing services to achieve simultaneous penetration of the two major online and offline markets.

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