Proficient in signal processing design Tips (6): How is convolution obtained?

The author, maxfiner, graduated from Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology with a master's degree in signal and information processing. Maxfiner has worked in the wireless communication department of Huawei Communication Technology Co., Ltd., and has many years of experience in engineering project development. It also has algorithm theory research, simulation verification, and corresponding hardware design implementation capabilities. It has practical experience in all aspects of communication physical layer development and design. .

Proficient in signal processing design Tips (6): How is convolution obtained?

Convolution is a basic concept of signal processing. One of the most important aspects of its implementation is perhaps the following sentence: The convolution of the time domain corresponds to the multiplication of the frequency domain. In this sentence, or in other words, this concept will be fully reflected in many applications, such as frequency domain equalization, such as channel estimation, such as filtering analysis. The convolution formula, at first glance, seems a bit awkward. Why is it such a form, why is one of the signals to be flipped?

Convolution is a basic concept of signal processing

Through the above derivation, and then experience and observe the convolution formula, perhaps there is no such unintuitive feeling.

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