Delip: Series dimmable LED power supply shiny 2014 high-tech LED exhibition

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Gan Qin] As a professional manufacturer of LED lighting power supply, 80% of Delip Optoelectronics' products are directly or indirectly exported. It has "DALI" high-end LED control technology and "see my" cost-effective driver. Both brands have been focusing on the development and service of LED indoor lighting drive power products.

At this year's high-tech LED lighting exhibition, Delipu exhibited a series of products such as constant current driving power supply and dimmable LED power supply.

Pu Cheng, deputy general manager of Delip Optoelectronics' new application business, said, "The core of intelligent lighting is the matching of drive power and intelligent control system. As a power supply manufacturer, we should pay more attention to the drive technology itself, instead of blindly studying the control system, focusing on The driving power is the consistent attitude of Delip to smart lighting."

Delip booth map

According to Pu Cheng, the company's 20-60W DALI-DD series products are based on PWM dimming and can support dimming and color temperature driving solutions, mainly used for panel lights and downlights. "Our DALI-DP digital power supply series can support wireless office meetings, and it is easy to realize cross-lamp type control of local environment with one remote control."

Diplable power supply exhibited by Delip

In addition, DALI-LTHD low harmonic series (12-25W) is specially developed for the fluorescent lamp export market, THD <10%, the product design meets the US UL, EU CE, and Korean KC certification. For the no-flash demand, the fluorescent lamp product line has up to 6 series of products to choose from.

“The dimming power supply in the export market has always been the key product line of Delip.” Pu Cheng said that the DALI-DW external dimming series uses digital-analog hybrid drive circuits, which are compatible with more than 80% of the world's thyristor dimmers. It is the best match for exporting energy-saving lamps to Europe, Australia and the United States. At the same time, the DALI-DW series also has a stroboscopic function.

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