Design of intelligent regulated power supply based on AT89C51

This paper introduces a design scheme of intelligent regulated power supply based on AT89C51. Its core technology is to change the output of the voltage regulator module after controlling the digital-to-analog conversion by AT89C51. The system consists of a rectification and filtering preliminary voltage regulator circuit, an AT89C51 control part, a DAC and a display part. The regulated power supply can be continuously step-adjustable and can be displayed in real time to make up for the shortcomings of the traditional regulated power supply.

The DC stabilized power supply studied by this system is mainly in line with the characteristics of intelligence, digitization and modularization: intelligent means that the system has programmable modules to intelligently control the system; digitization means that the system output voltage is displayed through the 7-segment digital tube, and The output voltage is continuously stepped digitally adjusted by pressing the button; the modular finger system is composed of various related modules, which improves the reliability of the system.

AT89C51 intelligent regulated power supply design principle

1, design system block diagram

Design system block diagram

The system consists of modules, and the system block diagram of its modules is shown in Figure 1.

2, the composition of the module circuit design

(1) Power circuit module design. Using LM7815, LM7915 series three-terminal regulator regulator circuit (circuit as shown in Figure 2) for the op amp TL082, single-chip AT89C51 and digital-to-analog DAC08 32 devices to provide a stable operating voltage, to achieve the system's operating voltage and system regulated power supply Continuous stepping is adjustable.

Three-terminal regulator regulator circuit and AT89C51 main control circuit

(2) AT89C51 main control module design. AT89C51 is the control core of the system. It mainly controls the regulated power supply by controlling the digital-to-analog conversion, and controls the display circuit. The circuit is shown in Figure 3.

Digital to analog conversion circuit

The main control circuit includes the basic circuit of AT89C51 operation: reset circuit and crystal oscillator circuit. There are also two buttons: the +SW button and the -SW button, which are used to control the increase and decrease of the output voltage.

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