Comprehensive analysis of iPhone5s dual LED flash technology

In the months of exposure and prediction, the iPhone 5s finally came to no surprise. So, as an annual flagship smartphone, is the iPhone5s satisfactory for you? Let's read it and swear it.
Dual LED flash
Apple 5s conference video live broadcast: Dual LED flash appears, "You can be a better photographer for taking better images. The iPhone 5S comes with dual LED fill lights, and the two fill lights can provide different Color temperature, one is cool, one is warm, you can adjust according to different environments. At the same time, iPhone5S joins the new camera stable mode, continuous shooting can reach 10 per second.
The iPhone 5S can shoot 120FPS 720P video. For most people, we just want to take a photo. "So iPhone5s is the best camera phone! Apple also said that the iPhone5S camera shooting effect is better than the previous generation iPhone5.
In some major experience improvements, the camera pixel size has increased to 1.5 microns, the sensor size has increased by 15%, with F / 2.2 aperture, 5-piece lens, dual LED flash, the algorithm has been upgraded. This is Apple's first dual LED flash, but Apple has not announced the camera pixels of the iPhone5S. Like the information that flowed out before, the Apple iPhone 5S can shoot 120 frames of video.
Apple HOME button sapphire flash again
Apple mentioned another major innovation in iphone5s - a safer operating experience. Apple introduced fingerprint recognition technology for the first time to unlock it. From the data provided by the site, the new biometric technology introduced by 5S, the new TouchID sensor has a thickness of 170 microns, and the recognition accuracy reaches 500ppi, which ensures the accuracy of reading data. This new technology is placed on the Home button of the Apple iPhone5S. To ensure quality, the Home button is made of sapphire. At the same time, Apple said that fingerprint recognition can also be used in third-party applications.
The new function fingerprint identification adds shipping momentum to the sapphire group, and pulls the goods to the sapphire substrate factory. The sales of the supply chain Jingmei's August revenue of 194 million yuan hit a record high this year, with a monthly growth of 26.79%. It received a monthly increase of 3.6% from the 170 million yuan.
It is understood that after the apple sapphire material with fingerprint identification technology as the iPhone5SHOME button, after several months of verification, in August, the amount of sapphire substrate factory expanded, Taiwan substrate factory Jingmei, Zhaoyuan to Xinjing drill, All of them were asked by Apple to place an order. Because the HOME key uses sapphire physical properties different from the camera and LED applications, the yield is low, so the Korean STC, Russian Monocrystal, etc., are actively chasing the apple, Apple coated optical supply chain Berne optics With Lansi's processing to increase the toughness of sapphire, there is room for improvement in yield.
The processing industry said that the difficulty of making the HOME HOME key is to improve the toughness of the sapphire. Because the hardness of the sapphire is second only to the diamond, this feature is widely used in high-hardness materials such as synthetic diamonds or missile bullets. The replacement of the Apple HOME material is thick. Below 300Micro, the extremely thin characteristics will make the sapphire with high hardness easy to be brittle.
In the past, a 2-inch sapphire substrate can cut about 55 Apple mobile phone cameras. Now it can be used on the larger HOME button. Only about 16 sapphire HOME buttons can be cut out. The area is increased and the difficulty of production is improved. Effectively reduce the production capacity of the sapphire substrate factory, and at the same time make up for the shortcomings of the slowdown of the kinetic energy of the LED backlight in July and August. Return to

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