90E46: Single-phase energy metering SOC with temperature-compensated high-precision RTC


IDT introduces the world's most advanced single-phase energy metering SOC: single-phase energy meter SoC. IDT90E46 is an IDT-based mature energy metering technology (AFE) and ARM high-efficiency low-power 32-bit Cortex M0 MCU with 128kB Flash, 6kB RAM, and integrated high-precision temperature compensation with single-phase smart energy meter. RTC, a system-on-chip with 12-bit A/D and other common peripherals with high-precision built-in reference voltage source, which can greatly reduce the number of components and overall layout area of ​​single-phase smart energy meter, simplifying single-phase intelligent energy Design and production of the table. IDT's unique A/D and DSP technology ensures long-term stability in the power grid and environmental changes. This article mainly introduces the performance, internal function design and application of IDT90E46.

IDT90E46 performance introduction

Metrological characteristics

The metering characteristics of the built-in metering module are in full compliance with the Chinese national standards GB/T17215.211-2006 (IEC62052-11), GB/T17215.321-2008 (IEC62053-21) and GB/T17215.323-2008 (IEC62053-23). It is required that the chip can be applied to a single-phase active energy meter of class 1 or 2 and a single-phase reactive energy meter of class 2;

In the measurement dynamic range of 5000:1, the active energy accuracy is better than 0.1%, and the reactive energy accuracy is better than 0.2%;

The temperature coefficient of the on-chip reference is typically 6ppm/°C;

The L-line and N-line current sampling loops use separate analog-to-digital converters with different gains. The current sampling circuit can be made of manganese copper or current sensor (CT), and the voltage sampling loop can be a resistor divider network or a voltage sensor (PT);

Forward/reverse active/reactive energy with independent energy registers and energy output pins;

Only a single point calibration is required over the entire dynamic range;

Electrical parameter measurement: voltage / current RMS, average active / reactive / apparent power, frequency, power factor and phase angle reference error are less than ± 0.5%;

The measurement mode of the L line and the N line can be set;

Start and creep power thresholds can be set;

In the anti-tamper mode, the L line and N line power comparison thresholds can be set;

Can be used in 50Hz and 60Hz power supply networks;

MCU features

32-bit ARM Cortex M0 core, 6k Byte RAM, 128k Byte programmable Flash, up to 16MHz;

4 independent UART interfaces, UART0 provides IR modulation function, UART3 supports hardware ISO7816 protocol;

1 independent watchdog (WDT) timer, reset time can be set, up to 4 seconds. After the software is turned on, it cannot be turned off;

2 independent 25-bit PWM outputs for controlling relays and buzzers;

1 14-bit low power PWM output;

2 8-bit timers with 8-bit prescaler;

Provide up to 45 general purpose IOs;

4 external interrupt inputs that can be used to wake up the chip;

2 12-bit A/D with built-in high precision reference voltage source;

1 low power voltage comparator;

Four operating modes are available: normal mode, idle mode, standby mode, and LCD display mode. Provide power-down and power-up monitoring circuits.

Real time clock and temperature sensor

In the industrial temperature range (-40 °C ~ 85 °C), built-in temperature sensor accuracy: ± 1 °C;

Calendar registers (year, month, day, hour, minute, second, etc.) are available in BCD format with leap year function;

1 programmable alarm signal with interrupt function;

Hardware frequency compensation function. Compensation range: -3900ppm to 3900ppm, the compensation accuracy is ±0.12ppm;

The 32768Hz clock signal and the corrected 1Hz pulse signal can be output through the I/O;

2 independent 16-bit timers for counting seconds pulses;

A dedicated 32-bit second signal counter for time measurement.

Other characteristics

Built-in 4Com & TImes; 34Seg / 6Com & TImes; 32Seg or 8Com & TImes; 30Seg LCD driver, support 1/3 bias, built-in bias voltage generation circuit;

Externally only need to configure 32.768 kHz crystal to work, built-in PLL circuit;

3.3V single power supply: MCU operating voltage range: 2.5V ~ 3.6V; voltage range to ensure measurement accuracy: 3.0V ~ 3.6V;

Operating temperature range: -40 °C ~ +85 °C;

TQFP100 green package;

IDT wide-range single-phase metering SOC design with temperature-compensated high-precision RTC

IDT wide-range single-phase metering SOC design with temperature-compensated high-precision RTC

IDT wide-range single-phase metering SOC design with temperature-compensated high-precision RTC

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of the application


90E46 can be used for single-phase 2-wire system, single-phase 3-wire system and anti-tamper active/reactive smart energy meter;

Simultaneously integrated with general-purpose A/D, power measurement, rich serial port, real-time clock (RTC) and LCD driver, 90E46 can also be used for power meter devices that require electrical parameter measurement, real-time clock (RTC), communication interface and LCD display. .

Digital Timer automatically turns the power of various powered devices on and off according to the time set by the user. The control object can be a street lamp, a neon lamp, an advertising sign lamp, a production device, a broadcast television device, and the like, and all power devices and household appliances that need to be turned on and off periodically. Built-in 1.2V/40mA can be charged, high precision, industrial grade chip, strong anti-interference.

DHC15A 1

Timer Relay

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