Yuan Zongnan: Lighting Design of Taiwan Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo (Photos)

The 2010 Shanghai World Expo is not only an excellent opportunity for Taiwan to speak to the world, but also an excellent stage for demonstrating Taiwan's multicultural vitality and industrial development and innovation. Therefore, the exhibition contents of the Taiwan Pavilion echo the direction of the city as the main axis of the Shanghai Expo. With the theme of "Nature, Mind, City", the modern way is used to show Taiwan's mountains, water, humanities and technology to the world.
The World Expo Taiwan Pavilion, designed by the well-known architect "The Team of Li Zuyuan Architects", also incorporates Taiwan's important elements into the development of architectural concepts with the theme "Mountain, Water, Heart, Light" as the main axis, and will be environmental protection, art and culture. The important elements of urban life are integrated into the overall design and thoughts. Taking the oriental philosophy as the main axis, the progress of Taiwan's cities is enhanced by the use of specific techniques. It also echoes the theme of this World Expo, “Better City, Better Life”.

Yuan Zongnan: Lighting Design for the Taiwan Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo

The building body derived from "mountain, water, heart, lamp" can be seen from the simulation effect map. The overall facade of the building is like a large sky lantern. The skylight made of light-transmissive film material is originally made of matte material, which can be converted into a transparent material after being energized. There is a large ball inside the heart of Taiwan. The heart of Taiwan is a huge sphere screen full of LEDs. Its density is eight times higher than that of the small dome. Not only can the above image be clearly seen in the distance, but also in a relatively close place. The effect can be said that Taiwan's LED high-tech ingeniously demonstrates Taiwan's culture and customs. At night, it will become the highlight and focus of the exhibition, which symbolizes the heart of Taiwan in the Shanghai World Expo.
Another calm cuboid behind the sky lantern is the image of Taiwan's famous mountain. The skyline of Taiwan's famous mountain peaks such as Yushan and Alishan is engraved on it. The architect also skillfully designed a lighting platform below the skylight, and the platform is surrounded by a pool, which not only symbolizes the geographical location of Taiwan around the sea, but also the blessing of the sky lantern rising from the water. This lighting platform will also be gathered here for the blessing ceremony at the opening. The exhibition space inside the building will also showcase Taiwan's environmental protection, art and culture. With an exhibition that is rich in Taiwan's connotation and architectural design concept, it will become an excellent base for Taiwan to shine into the world.
The Taiwan Pavilion of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, through the careful planning of Li Zuyuan Architects, not only provides a building full of Taiwanese atmosphere, but its inner implication is visible everywhere. Just like the structure of the skylight, the material of the light-transmissive film can be converted between the matte surface and the clear glass. After the night turns into a matte surface, the "Taiwan Heart", which is a combination of Taiwan's mature high-tech, is transformed into a central candlelight for the sky lantern. Not only does it create a blessing image of a rising sky lantern, but it can also be projected in it to show the beauty of architectural light.
In such an important event, the role of lighting design is to assist the architects to implement the overall concept of "mountain, water, heart and light", and further to control lighting, energy-saving lamps and other lighting energy-saving methods. Implement the slogan "bettercity, betterlife" of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo to achieve the ultimate goal of energy saving and carbon reduction without losing light. In the evening, the team of architects and the participating companies' hard work will continue the nighttime beauty of the Taiwan Pavilion with "light". I also expect that the moment when the lights are lit at night, it is the moment when Taiwanese culture shows to the world.

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