Oil Museum Oil Cube reveals oil life (Figure)

In the night Expo Park, there is a "magic light box" that is most eye-catching, that is, the oil museum.

Because the shape resembles the “water cube” of the Olympic venues, construction workers are used to calling the oil museum “oil cube”. The "skin" of the "Oil Cube" is a piece of bubble-like light blue device. In fact, it is composed of a large-area shaped PC board, and the more than 5,400 curved curved shaped plates, the raw material is oil. It was built by China Petroleum, Sinopec and CNOOC with a total investment of 300 million yuan.

Liu Junjie, director of the oil museum, said that there are more than 2 million light source points in his skin, and you can make a TV screen by taking off a board. This 4,000 square meter LED electronic screen is the first in the world.

On the second floor, the big bed in the bedroom and the bathtub in the bathroom are attached to the wall, and the dining table and refrigerator are inverted on the ceiling. The welcoming staff said that this is mainly through the furniture inversion, giving visitors a visual dislocation and shock. These furniture are all derived from oil.

In the oil hall, everything that seems to live can be measured by oil as a unit of calculation. Knowledge card tips: People's life, eat 551 kilograms of oil, wear 290 kilograms of oil.

The biggest highlight of the oil museum is the 4D blockbuster "Oil Dreams" of 10 minutes and 55 seconds, which tells the history and future of oil. Huang Ziming, the project director of the main exhibition area, said that the two theaters can accommodate 256 people at the same time. There are dozens of special effects in the film, dozens of times. Famous filmmakers Han Sanping and Lu Chuan participated in the filming of "Oil Dreams", and the Canadian companies that produced special effects for "Avatar" were involved in the post production.

Our reporter Li Tianyu

Peel Mask PCB 

Peel able masks are used in order to protect selected solder holes against plugging during mass soldering or to protect carbon elements and gold plated contacts during mass soldering.  Peel able masks are screen printed.


• The peelable mask must adhere sufficiently well to the PCB so that it does not peel off when handled correctly.
• It must be able to endure a two to three time soldering process without peeling off, but must remain detachable.
•After soldering of the PCB, the peelable mask must be able to be detached – preferably in one piece. In case of metallized holes, no mask 
   residue must be left in the drill holes or on the surface of the PCB. In the case of non-metallized drill holes, however a certain amount of residue 
   can remain.
• The peelable mask must be able to resist conventional solvents such as chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbons, isopropanol, conventional 
   fluxes and similar.
• Particular requirements: The roughness U of the edge of the mask can be 0,5 mm from the tip to the base (left figure 

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