Samsung 5.5 generation OLED line put into operation in January 2011

Recently, Samsung said that the 5.5-generation OLED panel factory invested in 86 million euros is expected to be officially put into operation in January 2011. The news also confirmed the rumors that Samsung plans to invest in the production of 5.5-generation OLED panels earlier this year.

It is reported that the size of the Samsung 5.5-generation OLED panel is 1300 x 1500mm, which will cut the OLED panel with smaller size, mainly used in mobile portable devices such as notebooks, portable audio and video, MID, and tablet computers. In addition, because the optimal cutting size of Samsung 5.5 generation line is 21.5 inches and 32 inches, the required panels for small and medium size OLED TVs are also available.

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