Wistron LED display sponsored charity project promotion meeting

Guangzhou Luogang District held the second charity project promotion conference on the 19th. The world's leading provider of large-screen display and control products, Guangdong Weichuang Video Technology Co., Ltd., as one of the sponsors of this event, actively participated in social welfare undertakings. Supporting the charity initiated by the organizer, it provided the DLP display system for on-site image demonstration and donated two display devices for teaching to poor areas.

At the promotion meeting, the splicing wall provided by Weichuang showed the theme of “Let the sleeping dreams bloom and let the big love in the heart sublimate”, conveying people's love. In this charity fundraising event, Weichuang also donated two teaching display devices to educational institutions in poverty-stricken areas, worth nearly 100,000 yuan.

On behalf of Ms. Wan Hong, Wei Chuang said, “Enterprises are not only the promoters of productivity, but also shoulder important social responsibilities. This is the requirement of social development and progress. Whether a company can go far, in addition to the comprehensive strength of enterprises, We should also assume social responsibility, become the defender of the social conscience, and realize the harmonious development of the enterprise and the society. Therefore, we participated in this event, and together with everyone to promote the charity culture and promote the development of charity, do our best. responsibility."

This is the second time that Vitron has participated in this event. At the first charity conference held in 2013, Witron also provided a large LED display screen for live events.

The Standing Committee of the CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee, the Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Guangzhou Development Zone, the Director of the Management Committee, and the Secretary of the Huangpu District Party Committee Chen Zhiying attended the event and delivered speeches. Li Hongwei, the head of the Guangzhou Development Zone and Luogang District, and the main responsible persons of relevant functional departments and mass organizations, More than 300 people, including love units, caring people and citizen representatives, attended the promotion meeting.

(This article is published by Wei Chuang)

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