IoT launches the era of wireless smart home

When the owner walks out of the house, he or she will turn off all the lighting and electrical appliances in the house. When people go to work, they can check the security status of the home through the mobile phone in real time. As long as someone illegally breaks in, the photos and photos will be sent. Prompt text message; when the owner gets home from work, he is still at the door of the community, and the underground garage is slowly opened to make room for parking...

With the promotion and application of the Internet of Things technology, the smart homes that have been raging in recent years have benefited a lot, and the technology upgrades have been implemented. From wired transmission to wireless transmission, people can realize remote wireless remote control with a mobile phone. Entering the era of new wireless smart home, all kinds of household equipment become "smart", and the owner becomes "lazy".

Mobile phone remote control for wireless smart home

Mr. Xu Limin, a citizen who lives in the west of Guangzhou, told reporters that in November last year, more than 120 families in their community led the real estate developers and Nanjing IOT Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. to provide advanced smart home systems and enjoy the Internet of Things technology. Magical and convenient.

For example, he said that his smart home not only implements conventional control such as smart home appliances and intelligent lighting , but he is most satisfied with the realization of intelligent security control. The home is equipped with wireless door magnets, window magnetic alarms, and infrared sensors. Anti-theft alarms such as detectors, safes/drawer vibration monitors. The most amazing thing is that many corners of the house are equipped with sensors such as gas, smoke, oxygen, temperature and humidity to monitor the air quality inside the house. With smart home, there is no security incident at home. In mid-January this year, the gas pipeline at home broke down. Thanks to the gas sensor and timely alarm, it prevented a gas accident.

It turns out that Mr. Xu’s smart home system is not a traditional smart home, but uses Internet of Things technology, especially wireless sensor networks, using advanced zigbee communication technology, installing zigbee modules in each sensor, and traditional Compared with smart homes, this kind of Internet of Things can easily realize wireless transmission, analysis and alarm of data without having to arrange complicated lines at home. In this way, the owner can realize the remote control of the owner's handshaking machine anytime and anywhere.

Wireless transmission, becoming the commanding height of market competition

In fact, since the application of IoT technology to smart homes, smart home systems have indeed had “quality changes” and become “smart”. Because the concept of smart home has been popular for more than 10 years, it has appeared in Shanghai's high-end residential areas, but in general, the degree of intelligence is not high, the operation is unstable, far less than the user's psychological expectations, the market acceptance is low, and there has been no popularity. Nowadays, the owner can operate remotely with a mobile phone or an ipad, which was something that he could not have thought of before.

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