How to choose a cooling device for the LED display in summer?

Because the LED display installation area is different, the area is different, and the installation method is not the same, the selected equipment should be determined according to the actual situation. The author has compiled several common cooling solutions for reference:

One, 20 squares or less LED display

1. For the north of Guangdong Province, the LED display within 20 square meters does not recommend the use of air conditioning. If conditions permit, the use of two small fans is sufficient.

2, some cities in the South: Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Wuhan, Chongqing and other places need to install two fans is enough, the diameter of the fan is about 500mm, depending on the size of the installation space.

Second, the display area of ​​more than 20 square meters

1. If your display position is against the wall, you can see how much the display can protrude. If you can protrude one meter from the wall, it is recommended to select the fan according to the size of the area. The fan installation position is on the side of the screen. The top of the line is arranged in turn. If you buy a display with an 80-square-meter ph16 outdoor led full-color screen, it means that you need 6 fans with a diameter of 600mm. The fan is pumping outside. Kind, and when installing the fan, ensure that there is a net inside to prevent the technicians who repair the display from sucking other things into the adult body when repairing the display. In order to waterproof, it should be on the outer aluminum composite panel. The fan outlet is fitted with aluminum shutters.

The display on the wall can also be installed with air conditioners. It is necessary to ensure that the main unit of the air conditioner has a position and does not affect the overall appearance of the wall. The choice of air conditioning is required. The most commonly used air conditioners are 1.5P, 2P and 3P. The air conditioning is calculated for 12 square meters and 1P in the northern city. The southern city uses 9 square 1P air conditioning. If the area of ​​the LED outdoor display is relatively large, the air conditioner will go directly to the manufacturer to customize it. If the area is not large, it is necessary to go to the store to buy it, but the display cooling air conditioner has the call compensation function.

2. If the LED display is installed in a column, it is best to use a fan to dissipate heat. The fan is mounted on the back of the large screen on the aluminum-plastic panel. It is best to lean up and make it into the form of blinds for rain. Rain does not enter the display. If it is a double column, open a few blinds in the middle of the double column. This window is the air inlet, and the fan above is the exhaust port, thus forming a complete air convection to make the heat dissipation effect. better.

If you require air conditioning, this is no problem, the cost of purchase and the cost of use will increase, and the heat dissipation effect will be worse than the fan. There is another problem. If you want to install air conditioners, one of the questions that must be considered is where the external machine is installed, whether it is hung on the column or hanging on the back, whether it can ensure the appearance of beauty.

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