Watching the game with the led display is more enjoyable

December 8, 2013, the industry in a professional known Chinese eight-ball tournament team - Joe's team event publicity large forces arrived in Langfang. As soon as the stadium was over, the LED big-screen propaganda film that occupied the whole building was magnificently reflected. Langfang has entered the ocean of the Chinese eight-ball festival. The 2013 Chinese Eight-ball International Masters has been in existence for seven months. In the next 6 days, 7 of the 80 players who have fought in a season will stand out and go to Qinhuangdao to participate in the final match of the Chinese season in the 2013 season.

Starting yesterday, the annual smog weather was ushered in across the country. From the hotel where the staff stayed, walk to the Lecong Shopping Mall, No. 138 , Heping Road , Guangyang District . The strolling in the fog is just like the upcoming outbound race. The fog is heavy, and the seven candidates are really confusing. The road is long and sometimes not far-reaching. I have already returned to the LED display screen of the mall , and there is a magnificent publicity film on the top. Pedestrians, many passersby stopped to watch. Shi Hanqing, Ma Zhiyu, Chen Qiang, Wang Yan, Wang Peng, members of the Chinese Eight-ball International Dream Team appeared one by one, and Dai Yong, Liu Haitao and other Chinese-style eight-ball players took a spectacular snapshot in 2013 . At this time, Langfang became the center of the Chinese eight-ball, and the focus of the fans was the Mingshi Billiards Club.

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