Looking at the development prospects of China's medical electronics industry from the US market

According to the survey data released by Bloomberg, the average annual medical expenditure of Americans in 2012 was as high as US$8,608, and the annual expenditure of the entire medical system exceeded US$2.8 trillion. At the 6th China International Medical Electronics Technology Conference CMET2013 held last year, experts introduced: The size of the US medical device industry is close to 100 billion US dollars, with an average annual growth rate of more than 12% in the past five years. These data show that the United States is not only the world's largest medical device market, but also one of the most important design and production bases. Affecting the development trend of the medical device (including medical electronics) industry, as the Chinese medical electronics industry behind it, we can learn from the status quo of the United States and find a path for subsequent development. CMET, hosted by the Creative Times Exhibition, will also take this mission to enhance the rapid development of China's medical electronics industry technology and applications, and to spread more international leading technologies to more domestic companies.

Most noteworthy medical electronics/products

According to the information released by the Med Qiao Group, the most cutting-edge technologies currently in the US medical device industry include (here only highly relevant technologies for medical electronics are extracted):

1. Diagnostic diagnosis (DiagnosTIc Imaging);

2. Telemedicine;

3. Molecular diagnosis (Molecular Diagnos TIcs);

4. Minimally Invasive Surgery;

5. Microfluidic systems and microelectromechanical systems (Micro-Fluidics and MEMS);

6, Non-Invasive Monitoring (Non-Invasive Monitoring);

Among them, medical imaging is the largest segment of medical devices and one of the most cut-through areas for Chinese medical electronics companies. Of course, high-end medical imaging products are still in the hands of international giants, even if the best ultrasonic products made by Chinese companies are more than 70. % of the market share is in the hands of foreign brands. To further enhance the influence of Chinese medical electronics companies, the improvement of medical imaging technology is a key point. In the previous six sessions of China International Medical Electronics Technology Conference CMET, experts from GE, Siemens, Rui Ke, Mindray, Lan Yun, TI, ADI, XILINX conducted in-depth exchanges on cutting-edge technologies in various fields of medical imaging systems. Covers small-scale design, handheld ultrasound, low-power ultrasound systems, high-performance analog front ends, large CT and nuclear magnetic resonance technologies. In 2014, medical imaging technology remained the focus of the discussion.

Others, such as telemedicine, molecular diagnostics, minimally invasive surgery, MEMS, non-invasive monitoring, are currently dominated by international companies, domestic companies are still in their infancy, and research institutions such as Tsinghua, Fudan, and Chinese Academy of Sciences are responsible for scientific research. . In the previous CMET, experts from Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Beijing University of Technology, and Chinese Academy of Sciences gave an in-depth introduction to these technologies, and hospital experts such as 301 Hospital shared the international frontier products and technology applications; at CMET2014 These cutting-edge technologies will be further studied.

Mobile and wearable medical / health concept hot

In the mobile and wearable medical/health areas, the United States is still the leader. According to estimates by Mercom Capital Group, venture capitalists invested $2.2 billion in health care startups last year, of which $564 million went to mobile healthcare companies; Google has said it is ready to develop contact lenses that can detect blood sugar; Apple recruits for health Senior R&D personnel in the background of sensor research and development have applied for a number of patents related to heart rate monitoring, activity monitoring, and health monitoring. In the 7th China International Medical Electronics Technology Conference CMET2014 Shenzhen Station, which will be held in August this year, mobile and Wearable medical electronics topics, in-depth discussion of mobile and wearable medical / health products market and technology, hope that in the future can simplify a large number of data collection and analysis through related products, reduce medical monitoring and management costs, allowing doctors and care workers to repeat heavy and simple Freed from sex work, reducing the cost of treatment while improving the patient's treatment.

According to the organizer's creative era, at the 6th China International Medical Electronics Technology Conference CMET2013, the topics related to mobile and wearable medical/health equipment are from TI, ADI, Freescale, ON Semiconductor, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. A number of guests from the Institute of Technology. One of the experts said in the speech, "Mobile and wearable medical devices and applications are equal to the body's own dashboards, measuring instruments and warning lights, which will become popular in the future. Of course, the current sensing and detection technology is still not perfect. Most of the equipment can only be used as a reference for personal health management, and it does not have medical diagnostic value. Because of this, there are many things we can do. If we can make breakthroughs in one of the small directions, the market is immeasurable. ”

The Chinese government has also invested considerable attention and support for mobile and wearable medical/health products. The “Opinions on Promoting the Development of Health Service Industry” issued by the State Council in October 2013 proposed that the health service system should be basically established by 2020. The total size of the health service industry has reached more than 8 trillion yuan. Among them, the development of telemedicine, the gradual expansion of digital medical equipment, the development of portable health data collection equipment, integration with the Internet of Things, mobile Internet, and constantly improve the level of automation, intelligent health information services is one of the eight major tasks. It can be said that the relevant market, concept and policy have already started, and whoever solves the technical problem first will quickly stand out.

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