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Under the guidance and subsidy of the government, the domestic photovoltaic industry is also booming. New and innovative new technologies emerge one after another. Individual photovoltaic power generation is successfully connected to the grid. Photovoltaic products have entered the homes of ordinary people and companies have begun to profit. We believe that after China's photovoltaic industry has experienced hardship, it will surely usher in a beautiful spring. We also manufacture carefully the topics of photovoltaic products and pay more attention to the domestic potential market so that you can understand the concept, use, and economic benefits of photovoltaic products.

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1, polycrystalline solar panels

China Manufacturing Network Quality Supplier Shenzhen Hainatong Solar Energy Co., Ltd.

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Solar cell modules: Solar cell modules are the source of solar energy lighting equipment and power generation equipment to work properly. Our company produces various types of solar cell modules, dedicated to customers who use different solar energy devices. Product Description: Solar cell module is composed of single, polysilicon high-efficiency solar cells, EVH low-tempered glass, light-plating rate gold. Can be applied to solar street lights, solar lawn lights, solar power systems, communications, aerospace and other ways. According to different packaging materials, the product: life expectancy of 25 years. Power from 0.1WP to 300WP, specifications can be processed according to customer needs. Types of Solar Cells The solar cells currently produced by our company are classified into single crystal silicon and polysilicon. 1. Monocrystalline silicon solar cells Monocrystalline silicon is made of high-purity single-crystal silicon rods with a purity of 99.999% or more. Solar cells made of monocrystalline silicon have high efficiency and stable performance, and have been widely used in space and on land. In general, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of a monocrystalline silicon solar cell is 15% or more. 2. Polycrystalline silicon solar cells Polycrystalline silicon is an aggregate containing a large number of single-crystal particles. It has a variety of single-components with different orientations. The waste secondary silicon and the metallurgical grade silicon material are melted by casting and solidified. Its manufacture is simple and its cost is low. Usually, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of a polycrystalline silicon solar cell is about 16%.

2. AGF-M12 Photovoltaic Collection Device for Ancorui Photovoltaic Distribution Cabinet

China Manufacturing Network Quality Supplier Ancorui Electric Co., Ltd.

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The ACF-M12 bus collection device dedicated to Ankeru Photovoltaic Distribution Cabinet 12-channel DC0-15A photovoltaic bus detection is used to monitor the operation status of the panel in the photo-cell array, the photocell current measurement, the state of the arrester in the combiner box, and the status of the DC breaker. Acquisition, relay contact output, sensor interface with wind speed, temperature, irradiator, etc. The device has RS485 interface to upload the measured and collected data and device status.

Product Nomenclature Product Features â—† Measuring element Hall sensor, isolated measurement â—† Acceptable positive or negative confluence measurement â—† On-board PV fuse, voltage DC1kV, fuse current selectable â—† Optional voltage function, maximum measurement voltage DC 1kV

â—†Provide external sensor input interface â—†Standard single RS485 interface â—†Multiple power supply options Product function â—†PV battery string open alarm, status detection â—†With switch input, used to collect DC circuit breaker, lightning protection device and other output empty Contact status â—†With relay output, can be set to the jog mode, used to drive the DC breaker automatic switching â—†Provide temperature, irradiation, wind speed and other types of sensor input interface â—†Can output DC24 power supply to the external sensor â—† The digital tube displays the input current of each channel cyclically, and has the energy-saving display mode automatically turned off. â—† It can be equipped with dual redundant RS485 interface and supports Modbus RTU communication protocol. The communication address, baud rate and data mode can be freely set. 3. Acrel PV array lightning protection confluence box

China Manufacturing Network Quality Supplier Ancorui Electric Co., Ltd.

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The main function of the Arkore PV array lightning protection confluence box APv-M16 is to realize the first-level confluence of the input of the photovoltaic array, which is used to reduce the connection of the photovoltaic array to the inverter, optimize the system structure, and improve reliability and reliability. Maintainability. While providing the lightning protection function, it also monitors the operation status of the photovoltaic panel, the current, voltage, power, lightning protection device status, DC circuit breaker status acquisition, relay contact output and other functions after convergence, together with wind speed, temperature, and spokes. The sensor interface functions such as the instrument are available for the customer to select, the device is equipped with an RS485 interface, and the measured and collected data can be uploaded to the monitoring system. APv-M series intelligent photovoltaic combiner box Features u Meet "CGC/GF002:2010" technical specifications of PV square combiner box u Waterproof grade is iP65, which meets indoor and outdoor installation requirements u Hall element is used as measuring element, maximum 16-channel isolation measurement Input u Photovoltaic fuse, voltage DC1kv, fusing current can be selected u optional voltage measurement function, maximum measurement voltage DC1kv u provide external sensor input interface, can measure irradiation, temperature, wind speed, etc. u have RS485 communication interface, use Modbus - RTU communication protocol u A variety of power supply methods (DC24v, AC/DC220v, DC880v) are optional, suitable for home roof solar or large-scale photovoltaic power station applications u can be equipped with foreign dedicated ABB and other manufacturers of DC circuit breakers, photovoltaic Special DC fuses, lightning protection and so on. APv-M series intelligent photovoltaic combiner product function u Photovoltaic battery string open alarm, state detection u with switch input, used to collect DC breaker, lightning protection device and other output empty contact state u with relay output, can be set as point Dynamic mode, used to drive the DC circuit breaker automatic closing and closing u Provide temperature, irradiation, wind speed and other types of sensor input interface u can output DC24v power supply to external sensors u local digital tube cycle display each channel's input current, and With automatic shutdown energy-saving display mode 4,300W inverter

China Manufacturing Network quality supplier Ningbo Yaxiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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300W pure sine wave inverter peak power up to 5-8 times with 80cm DC power cord long warranty period of 2 years!

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