The cross-strait LED common standards have fruit in the year

The cross-strait LED common standards have fruit in the year Taiwan Semiconductor Optoelectronics Industry Association (TOSIA) and National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance (CSA) have further progressed in the cross-strait LED common standards, and have carried out three draft standards for self-rectifying LED lamp performance. The results.

The bridge between the two sides of the Ministry of Economic Affairs began with the former chairman of TOSIA, Li Bingjie, and committed to cross-strait exchanges and cooperation. Wang Qilong, chairman of Hong Qi, took over as chairman of the fourth session, will continue to promote Taiwan's LED high-performance products, and create Taiwanese companies to enter the mainland market. Favorable conditions.

TOSIA Deputy Secretary-General, Zhu Mudao, Director of the Institute of Electronics and Optoelectronics, ITRI said that TOSIA currently promotes the main shaft project with “LED Common Standards and LED Lighting Pilots”. At the current stage of cross-strait standards, the theme of "bulb lamps, street lamps, and grille lights" is the theme, and TOSIA and CSA have already carried out three draft standards of "self-rectifying LED lamp performance, grille lamp GT1 lamp caps, and cold zone LED road lighting products". , And in the discussion of relevant LED lighting interface specifications, there will be specific achievements this year.

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