New Trends of Power Security in the Internet Era

New Trends of Power Security in the Internet Era Electricity supply is the basic guarantee for the entire society’s production and people’s lives, and is the lifeline of the country’s economy. With the rapid development of China's economy, the use of electricity in various industries has continued to increase, and the construction volume of substations (stations) has continued to expand. Due to the large number and wide distribution of power plants and substations, the corresponding management difficulties are also increasing.

With the development of power system automation technology, unattended systems have gradually been promoted in the power industry, and the “four remote” (telemetry, remote signaling, remote control, and remote adjustment) functions have been basically realized. However, relying solely on dispatch automation to achieve unattended substations is not perfect, and there is still lack of effective means to supervise the substation environment (such as: fire prevention, anti-theft, security, etc.). In the early days of the small-person or unattended mode, the theft of power stations and unmanned substations occurred from time to time, and the fires caused by charged devices in substations were also common. Theft prevention and fire prevention became the most important task of substation safety work.

Early video surveillance was "passive" surveillance. Abnormal conditions needed to be monitored by the on-duty personnel in real time. Otherwise, the video recording could only be called for post-mortem verification when the case was traced back. In order to reverse this situation, the introduction of high-definition, intelligent and highly integrated video surveillance technology, the establishment of a comprehensive monitoring and management system, the "prevention-based, supplemented by evidence," as the guiding ideology for the construction of the power industry monitoring system is imminent.

HD provides power weapon for power monitoring

Due to the limitations of technology, analog cameras are not well-understood in details, and often see situations where someone steals things but can't see people's faces. At the same time, the dispatch center introduces real-time control of the substation's on-site operations, introducing a fifth remote- As far as possible, “television” requires the on-duty personnel to clearly see through the video surveillance system at the remote dispatch center whether the instrument, switch closure status and appearance of the substation equipment are abnormal. The SD image provided by the traditional analog camera simply cannot meet the above requirements. Therefore, the introduction of high-definition monitoring technology will become the trend of the development of the power industry monitoring system.

The value HD brings to power industry customers:

1, the more vivid expression of the details of the details of the HD in the details of the performance than the standard definition has clear advantages, from the point of view of the resolution, 720p resolution is 9 times the CIF resolution, 1080i/1080p resolution is 20 CIF resolution Times, in the same display environment, HD will be much clearer.

As can be seen from the above figure, under the standard definition of CIF and D1, the features of the facial features of the figures are unclear, but under the high-definition picture quality of 720p, the features of the characters are very clear. With regard to the actual business of remote management in the power industry, management and dispatch personnel often need to remotely view instrumentation and switch closure status in unattended substations. High-definition will certainly have more practical value than standard definition.

2, image color reproduction more realistic In the field of video surveillance, analog surveillance cameras generally use composite video streams for transmission, although compared with other analog transmission methods, composite video stream transmission distance is longer, but because of the composite video signal brightness signal The chrominance signals are mixed and transmitted, so mutual interference between them will be unavoidable. Bright color interference can cause a large amount of variegated noise and noise in the picture, making the picture blurred, especially when photographing a large area with the same broken small patterns, such as leaves, brick walls, roof tiles, etc., this phenomenon is more obvious.

Because the digital high-definition monitoring adopts a bright color separation technology, the luminance signal and the chroma signal are separately coded, and the situations in which bright colors interfere with each other can be effectively eliminated, and the image restoration is more realistic. Applying high-definition in the power industry can show more accurately the color of some indicator lanterns. The comparative effect is shown in Figure 2.

3, can obtain a wider perspective HD camera using 16:9 wide-angle video capture specifications, compared with analog cameras, in the case of the same focal length, the perspective is more open.

The objects of high-definition monitoring in the power industry mainly include: remote monitoring and monitoring of the environment within the substation area; operation status of important equipment such as transformers and circuit breakers; appearance status of high-voltage equipment such as CT, PT, cable joints and insulators in substations; isolation switches and The state of the grounding switchgear; the main indoor environment temperature and humidity alarms of the substation main control room, high voltage room, capacitor room, and independent communication room, the thermometer image; the status of the appearance of other oil-filled equipment, flammable equipment; bus area, Cable layer situation and so on.

Based on the above three points, digital high-definition monitoring using networked technology has obvious advantages in the application of power industry. In the near future, it will certainly replace standard-definition surveillance and dominate.

Security intelligence is the trend of technological development in the power industry

Through the establishment of a highly integrated and intelligent integrated power monitoring system, we can use image and voice technology to achieve visual management, and docking with power automation management system to achieve remote monitoring, visual scheduling, multi-system alarm linkage, intelligent control, can be more Effectively crack down on crimes, reduce accident risk, ensure property safety, and ensure the stable operation of the system.

As an important auxiliary means for power system production management, the integrated video surveillance system is also able to integrate with traditional security systems based on digitization, networking, high-definition, and intelligence, combined with the application of wireless transmission technology for the power system. Security provides a comprehensive management platform with rich functions, simple operation, and a wide range of applications. Integrated video surveillance systems are mainly integrated systems: audio and video systems, intelligent analysis systems, command and dispatch systems, environmental monitoring, security, fire alarm, access control, voice intercom, SF6 leak alarm, geographic information systems and other system resources.

Through a variety of sensors and on-site monitoring devices installed on the power equipment, it can remotely monitor and monitor the running status of the power equipment and the surrounding environment of the equipment remotely. When an abnormality occurs on the power equipment or the equipment around the equipment (such as ice on the equipment) , Snow-covered, inverted towers, broken lines, etc.), can be automatically collected at the first time, and send monitoring information (data, voice, etc.) and alarm information to the remote monitoring and management center, so that the central management personnel can understand the equipment operating status in a timely manner. Eliminating the failure in the bud.

Through the cooperation of video surveillance and other security systems, a number of functions such as video monitoring, lighting linkage, and environmental monitoring can be implemented, which can play a role of timely warning and protection of the power system security. By combining remote guidance with local personnel operations, the system can effectively avoid misoperation, and at the same time effectively prevent criminals from damaging or stealing electrical equipment and protecting property safety. When damage and theft occur, the alarm information can be uploaded in time, and corresponding alarm processing measures can be linked, such as audible and optical alarms for deterrence.

Wireless monitoring adds to the security of the power industry

The power system has been damaged by natural disasters from time to time. Therefore, high requirements are placed on the timeliness of emergency repair of power facilities and the protection of power supply. Power companies need to be able to accurately and timely understand the situation of engineering repairs and engineering protection on site. , respond to emergencies at any time, and coordinate resource protection at the first time and adopt correct response measures to sudden on-site situations. Therefore, it is applicable to the application of portable box type wireless video monitoring system in the power industry. To solve this problem, greatly improve the efficiency of emergency repairs.

Portable wireless monitoring of the power grid is generally composed of a portable terminal, a transmission network, and a monitoring center. The portable front-end captures live images in real time and transmits them to the monitoring center in real time through the 3G network. The user monitors the PC or video wall in real time to supervise the project, interacts with the site through two-way voice intercom, and is able to respond quickly and perform dynamic command management on the construction site. , greatly improving the efficiency of repairs.

In addition, the monitoring center can expand the electronic map function, visually display the specific location of all the portable terminals on the electronic map, and freely look at one or several of the live pictures. When the user is not in the monitoring center, it can also realize remote video browsing, cloud mirror control, video capture and other functions through the 3G mobile phone, real-time control of the scene.

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