Portable LED light that can be automatically inflated by solar charging

Recently, the Japanese market launched a model of "Luci" LED lights, built-in 10 LED bulbs, after the inflation, the light can be fully reflected inside to achieve better lighting effects.

The lamp adopts polyvinyl chloride as the packaging raw material. When used, the lamp is inflated to increase the luminous area by blowing air. When not in use, the LED lamp can be deflated to reduce the volume and facilitate storage.

The lamps have three lighting modes: power saving, normal and flashing. It is waterproof and can be used outdoors, and it is equipped with a portable device for easy carrying.

“Luci” uses solar panels and built-in lithium batteries as a source of electricity, without a dry battery. It can be fully charged in the sunlight for about 8 hours, and it can provide 6 to 12 hours of power for the LED bulb. The natural discharge suppression effect of the battery is good. When the battery is not used after being fully charged, the remaining battery power is still 50% after 2 years.

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