UMC completes the integration of LED on the middle and lower reaches of the mainland

UMC completed the integration of LEDs in the middle and lower reaches. After the deployment of Zhaoyuan Technology of Sapphire Changjing and Slicing Plant, UMC Xinxin Electronics announced that it would invest in mainland new light source lighting and decided to invest in LED lighting. Production and sales of lamps and accessories. UMC will carry out LED integration, and it will be able to introduce mass production in the first quarter of next year. It is also expected to become the first group in China to complete the complete LED production chain. Hon Hai and AUO Group are expected to follow up.

UMC has carried out research and development of LED epitaxial process in Zhuke 6吋 factory. The production base has been concentrated in Jining, Shandong Province for investment. After one year of layout, including sapphire crystal, LED epitaxial wafer and epitaxial wafer, packaging factory and assembly plant, etc. Complete the construction and start the expansion of the production line.

As UMC's investment in the green energy industry is growing, under the direct leadership of Chairman Hong Jiacong, the production chain of two new businesses such as LED and solar cells has taken shape, and the layout of the LED production chain has been completed early. In the first quarter of next year, mass production can be introduced comprehensively.

The market that was initially sought by UMC was mainly based on street lighting standards or large billboard lighting standards of various local governments in the mainland. After the production chain was in good production, it cooperated with Jingdian to penetrate the backlight market such as computers or mobile phones.

UMC has said that the investment in Shandong Jining will be an example. In the future, if there is demand from various local governments in the mainland, UMC will build a complete LED production line in the whole country with the whole factory output mode, and jointly grab the huge LED lighting cake in the mainland.

Liandian LED epitaxial process research and development is based on the Zhuke 6吋 factory, mainly based on the advantages of semiconductor manufacturing, directly to the large-size 6-inch wafer production LED, compared to the current LED factory with 4 wafers, The cost is naturally more competitive. The technology developed by UMC in Taiwan was directly introduced to the production base in Jining, Shandong.

UMC's LED layout on both sides of the strait, the main partner is Jingdian, the two sides jointly invested in Zhaoyuan Technology in Taiwan to obtain sapphire substrate technology and production capacity, and also established Yuanhong Optoelectronic Materials in Shandong Jining, and successfully completed the first sapphire in July. The crystal growth furnace, and pulled out the first sapphire crystal rod weighing 89.5 kg.

With the supply of LED sapphire substrate materials and traditional epitaxial materials, UMC and Jingdian also established LED epitaxial wafer and epitaxial wafer factory Guanxi Optoelectronics in Shandong Jining, mainly investing in LED epitaxial grain production, and UMC also invested in itself. LED packaging factory Liansheng Optoelectronics, assembly plant Baolin Technology.

As a result, UMC's LED layout in the mainland, from the upstream substrate materials, LED particle production, to the back-end packaging, finished product assembly, etc., has completely stringed up the turnkey production chain. The same group Xinxing Electronics announced yesterday that it has invested in the new lighting source lighting in the mainland, and decided to invest in the production and sales of LED lighting and spare parts, which just complements the shortage of external sales of terminal products.

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