OSRAM's new OSLON black series uses metal lead frames for temperature stability

Osram Opto Semiconductors' OSLON product family has been very successful, and recently launched the new OSLON black series led. The first product uses a metal lead frame, which is compact and the lens design has been extensively tested and verified. This LED is suitable for places where temperature fluctuations are large and space is small but bright light is required.

The high-power LED's black molded package ensures high stability. Not only does the thermal conductivity of the molding material match the expansion coefficient of the substrate, but the ESD electrostatic protection diode is also built into the molding. Since the output of the black package is very efficient, no reflectors need to be added. All materials are carefully selected and their reliability and service life (approximately 50,000 hours) are not adversely affected, even in environments with extreme temperature changes. Another big advantage of this new OSLON LED is its ultra-low thermal impedance of only 6.5 K/W, thanks to its unique metal leadframe.

Like other OSLON LEDs, the OSLON Black Series also has a 90° beam angle, which produces a typical brightness of 115 lm at 350 mA and a color temperature of 6500 K. If the operating current is increased to 1 A, its brightness can reach 250 lm. This LED is available in 1 mm2 chips and is available in all color versions including warm white. In addition, in keeping with OSRAM's tradition, the pads of the OSLON Black Series are compatible with the pads of other LEDs in the product family.

The OSLON Black Series is suitable for a wide range of applications, including signal lighting, interior lighting in refrigerators, and automotive or aircraft lighting. As long as it is a stable temperature, excellent performance, and extraordinary brightness, it can demonstrate the strength of this LED.

OSRAM will present the OSLON Black Series for the first time at the Booth 107 booth A3 in the Electronics Show in Munich, Germany from November 9th to 12th. For more information, please visit ectronica2010 or visit the mobile website:

Image source: Osram


The OSLON Black Series is a compact black package that combines temperature stability with high performance and reliability to make it an ideal source of illumination for trains, airplanes, cars and even refrigerators.

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