Talk about the process plus a mobile phone X conference summary

At 4:30 pm on October 29th, Yi Jia held his own fall conference in Beijing. The conference released a plus phone X, a plus X ceramic version, and a plus gold earphone 3 products. Putting the material of the back cover of the mobile phone into a playful addition, it will go farther and farther in the process of craftsmanship.

One plus phone X called to be a small and beautiful light flagship, the machine uses 5-inch Samsung AMOLED screen, claiming that after a special color tuning, you can avoid the A screen oversaturated and color cast problems. Weight 138 grams, thickness of 6.9 mm ultra-thin body using double-sided 2.5D glass, metal frame through 14 CNC engraving, and provides a mute button.

Performance is equipped with Snapdragon 801+2500mAh, Mobile Unicom dual card dual standby and support TF card expansion. Front 8 million pixels, 13 million rear camera, support for phase focus, the official claimed that the camera startup speed is as short as 0.25 seconds, beyond the Samsung S6 and iPhone 6s (in fact, many imaging speeds of mobile phones have not been able to achieve 0.25 seconds, because the data Too exaggerated, have to be measured to confirm ...).

The machine provides a protective shell of 5 kinds of materials that are consistent with one plus two. The 2G+16G version is 1,499 yuan, and the 3G+16G version is 1,599 yuan. Today, an appointment is made. On November 5th, a plus official website is sold.

The second product is a ceramic X-plus plate, the main change is the use of ultra-high refractive index and hardness of the ceramic material back cover, the front panel glass also uses a similar cutting process and ceramic back cover, the other changes little, specific The selling price and time to market were not announced.

One plus gold ear is very unique in shape, available in gold and silver versions, using a Swiss watch-level process, equipped with 11mm dynamic ring sound unit, PEI diaphragm, 51 degree tilting duct, and patented double-damper tube technology . It is claimed that the sound quality can be comparable to a 3,000 yuan headset, priced at 399 yuan.

In addition, there was also a headset called Tremella...

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