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In most ordinary families, practicality seems more suitable than gorgeous. Simple gadgets can better regulate the taste of life and add some playfulness to the ordinary life. This Rock light bluetooth speaker in the sister paper can be used as a speaker, and can also be used as a light, so that the price of the people can enjoy the romantic light and sound of each family.

Simple carton packaging, the surface is printed with the appearance of the speaker, very well recognized. Only the words in English, it seems that many small buddies have panic.

The contents of the box are complete. In addition to the speaker body, there is one Micro USB cable, one audio cable, one manual, one warranty, and one discount coupon. Fortunately, the specification is bilingual, and the content is very detailed. I believe that any small partner can read it.

Micro USB data cable and audio cable close-up, data line work well, because the line is relatively long, but also comes with the storage line, this point is very intimate.

Rock light Bluetooth speaker has space ash and light coffee color optional, sister paper is the space ash. The overall look is more concise. The 190×107×95mm speaker volume is not very large, and the weight of 640g is also lighter.

There is a ROCK brand LOGO in the middle of the speaker, silver gray matte feel more delicate.

Keys and lights are on the top, including: light control, volume +, speaker-, power/call keys. It looks like it's touch type, but it's actually a push type. The keystrokes that are pressed are relatively short, and there is a little effort, perhaps for overall beauty, so the keys are built-in. If it is made convex, it may be more convenient to operate it. There are two power indicators underneath the button. When charging, the “battery indicator” will light up. When connected to the power supply, the “dot” indicator will light up and display different colors in different connection states.

The bottom corner of the speaker has anti-slip mats.

The upper half of the speaker is a sound hole, and the metal buckles on the left and right sides of the concentric circle shape the handles to facilitate us to walk anywhere at any time.

Speaker supports three transmission methods, USB, TF card (up to 16G), AUX audio input, on the speaker side, and rubber seal. The waterproof rating of the entire speaker has reached IPX4, which means that we can also use it to hear wonderful music while bathing, but it is also “bathing and showering” which is of course impossible.

With Rock's light tone to listen to songs, USB and TF cards do not try, most reflect its quality, sister paper that is still a Bluetooth connection. Light tone Rock built-in Bluetooth V2.1 module, the connection speed is relatively fast, the stability is relatively high. Play music in 5 meters, there is no phenomenon of jamming, give praise!

Speaker frequency response 20Hz-20kHz ± 3dB, use it to listen to the recent popular Qianqin TV soundtrack "ring", emotional expression is fairly rich, but the vocal transmission is not very clear.

Using it to listen to the rock song “Leaving the Surface of the Earth” is a bit difficult. The accompaniment is relatively noisy and the vocals are fairly clear. As a speaker, the effect of audition is quite satisfactory. The lyrical song vocal expression can also be more clear, and rock songs are not very suitable for listening to it. After all, as a multi-functional speaker with a variety of transmission methods, it is difficult to achieve perfection, and more importantly, it is Daily enough to use.

In addition to playing music, Rock Light Bluetooth speakers have built-in microphones that support us for hands-free calling and have good stability. You can also directly answer/hang/call back on the speaker, which is very convenient.

In addition to being a speaker, Rock can also be used as a light. Just lightly press the light switch button to light up. Long press can also be adjusted light/dark, very practical! Dark light will not be dazzling at night, and the photo effect of light is also very good. Built-in lithium battery, full of electricity can light + play music for about 6 hours, life is really leverage!


1. Simple appearance, easy to carry

2. Many ways to play, TF card, Bluetooth, AUX can play

3. Many adjustable functions, volume, song, call, etc., practicality

4. Endurance can reach about 6 hours


1. The performance of sound quality is slightly inadequate and law-abiding.

2. Long pause, the speaker will not automatically shut down, it is recommended to increase this feature, you can reduce the power consumption.

In general, the Rock Light Bluetooth speaker, if only from the sound quality, may fight the same price speaker. However, its combination of light and sound is very warm and special for some romantic occasions or outings. The price of 199 yuan is also a good value for money, do not know such a small sentiment you will like it?


Features and Benefits

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