Oculus prohibits users from running their own content with HTC Vive

Currently, there are two major VR helmets based on the Windows PC platform, namely Oculus Rift and HTCVive. Because the current VR content is not much, the two VR helmet platforms will remain open to each other. For example, HTC Vive users can experience Oculus content with a third-party application called Revive. Oculus Rift users can access SteamVR and experience some compatible content.

However, the harmony between Oculus Rift and HTC Vive seems to be broken. According to foreign media reports, Oculus has recently updated and upgraded the "Platform Integrity Check" program. This will mean that HTC Vive users can no longer use Revive to experience Oculus content, because the upgraded system will directly check whether the hardware is the Oculus Rift platform. If it is not Oculus Rift, the system will refuse to run the corresponding content.

In this regard, Oculus said that the update does not target HTC Vive, just to prevent pirated helmets. This statement can give full marks, but considering that the number of users who purchase VR devices is still a minority, this "closed" approach seems to be difficult to get the hearts of the people. After all, Steam VR is still open to both parties, "just watch the developers want to support both sides." However, on another level, Oculus has opened up a combination of soft and hard precedent, which may bring another picture, just like the current console market.

Oculus prohibits users from running their own content with HTC Vive

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