Five highlights of GMIC 2014: Smart hardware is becoming a protagonist

From May 5th to 6th, 2014, the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) was held in Beijing. With the theme of “Next 5 Billion”, the conference attracted more than 300 mobile Internet leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world.

What is the difference between this conference and the past? Which heavy guests will come to the scene? What kind of surprise will it bring us? Let us take a look at the five highlights of this GMIC.

1, smart hardware is becoming a protagonist

This year, there have been several major events in the field of smart hardware: Google released the wearable device platform Android Wear, acquired the smart home company Nest; Samsung launched the smart home platform Smart House; Apple showed the car system Carplay; Facebook huge acquisition The virtual reality vendor Oculus... Several giant companies have laid out their layouts, and smart hardware has once again become a topic of concern in the industry.

At the GMIC conference, the first keynote speeches on the 5th and 6th were "Intelligent Robots: How to Lead the Future of Life" and "How Smart Robots Change Your Life". On the 6th, there was also a "Intelligent Software and Hardware". Sub-forum. In addition to the seminars around different themes, the organizers will also set up a special intelligent hardware creative exhibition area at the exhibition site. The exhibition will have new and innovative new products, and the development team will come to the site to communicate with the audience.

2, Tencent COO Ren Yuzhen explain the open concept

On June 15, 2011, Tencent held a partner conference. Tencent CEO Ma Huateng announced that Tencent should build a largest and most successful open platform to support all partners to create a Tencent.

In January of this year, Tencent COO Ren Yujun announced Tencent's mobileization strategy at the Mobile Ecology Conference, saying that “Tencent will continue the open capability of the PC in 2014, fully embrace the mobileization, and the strategic direction will be clearer. In the next two years, I hope to be a third-party developer. Achieve total revenue of more than 10 billion."

In the mobile era, how should Tencent's open platform be laid out? At this conference, Ren Yuzhen will elaborate on the strategy and concept of Tencent's mobile open platform with the theme of "Opening the Connected Era".

3, O2O exploration: how to integrate online and offline?

Since 2014, major giants have taken advantage of capital and resources to conduct mergers and acquisitions in the O2O field: Tencent has taken a public comment, Ali has acquired Intime and Baidu to acquire glutinous rice... Large-scale M&A investment continues to be staged, allowing O2O industry In a complex atmosphere of hustle, turmoil and excitement.

In the face of giants' big acquisitions, investments, vertical companies and entrepreneurs, what opportunities? How does O2O land and eventually become commercialized? How to get online and offline? What other areas of life can be integrated with the Internet? The “Mobile Value” forum of the conference invited a number of Internet and traditional corporate executives to explore the business value of O2O.

4. Confrontation: When bankers meet Internet entrepreneurs

Last year, the wealth management products represented by Yu'ebao were hot, and the outside world also had the saying that “Internet finance began to grab banks”. This year, the central bank issued a series of policies stating that it “supports both the development and innovation of Internet finance and the risk of Internet finance.”

Internet finance is an innovation involving finance. When it comes to finance, there is financial risk. The supervisory authority will not stand idly by in the public interest of Internet finance. However, since Internet finance is not a financial institution, how to regulate Internet finance has become a problem.

Therefore, Internet finance has naturally become the protagonist of this year's GMIC. Officials from central banks and financial institutions will confront entrepreneurs of Internet companies and seek a balance between support and supervision.

5. Mobile game opportunities and business

Last year, the mobile game industry began to greet its own spring. Many mobile game companies went public, and the stock price soared. The mergers and acquisitions and investment in mobile games also emerged endlessly.

However, after experiencing crazy growth, the mobile game industry has gradually ushered in a low tide: stock prices fall, malicious phenomenon is rampant, and a group of entrepreneurs die... In the face of this situation, how should the mobile game industry develop? How do entrepreneurs identify subdivisions? What other businesses in the mobile game industry?

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