ON Semiconductor expands broad product lineup of high-performance industrial ICs

ON Semiconductor continues to promote power management for high-performance industrial integrated circuit (IC) solutions. The latest components provide a high degree of robustness, are used in a wide operating temperature range, have outstanding performance, and work with very low energy consumption.

ON Semiconductor introduced the NCN5120 KNX transceiver at the Electronica exhibition this year. This highly integrated component supports the transmission and reception of data on the twisted pair network bus and complies with the KNX standard for home and building automation. The transceiver has a built-in 20 volt (V) voltage regulator and two energy-efficient DC-DC (DC-DC) converters. The first converter provides a fixed output voltage of 3.3 V, while the other converter provides an adjustable output voltage from 3.3 V to 21 V. This component is very suitable for high-power applications such as smart lighting systems, ventilation / air conditioning systems, constant temperature systems, smoke detectors and alarm systems.

The NCS37000, NCS37005, and NCS37012 ground fault circuit interrupter (GFI) controllers were also introduced at the exhibition, with related signal processing functions for GFI applications. These components support an operating voltage of 6.0 V to 18 V, consume only 5 milliwatts (mW), and integrate a flexible power supply, including shunt and low dropout (LDO) regulators. They provide differential fault detection circuits, including built-in ground neutral point detection function. ON Semiconductor's patented fault handling circuit can provide high performance with a low turns ratio current Transformer. These components are compatible with low-cost ferrite current transformers and are highly optimized for load board circuit breakers and GFI socket applications. NCS37012 incorporates a comprehensive self-test circuit that complies with the emerging UL self-test instruction standard.

The NCP59300, NCP5915x, NCP57152, NCP57302, and NCP58302 are high-precision, high-current, very low-dropout (VLDO) regulators that provide very low input voltage (1.8 V), 3.0 amp (A) output current, and low ground current characteristics. The NCP59300, NCP5915x, and NCP57152 provide a typical voltage drop of less than 300 millivolts (mV) at 3.0 A load current, while the NCP57302 and NCP58302 provide typical voltage drops of 315 mV and 370 mV at the same load current, respectively. These components can withstand input voltages up to 18 V (maximum), and have built-in thermal shutdown and reverse output current protection. They are ideal for industrial power and process control systems, as well as data / telecommunication infrastructure and automotive modules.

ON Semiconductor's booth will also showcase IGBTs. These components are constructed using rugged and cost-effective trench technology to provide excellent performance for high-frequency switching applications. The latest components expand the current product lineup and add products with a rated current of 40 A. The NGTB40N120FLWG, NGTB25N120FLWG and NGTB15N120FLWG provide low switching losses, including ultra-fast recovery diodes, making them ideal for high-frequency solar power, uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS) and inverter welding machine applications. NGTB30N120LWG and NGTB40N120LWG are suitable for hard switching applications such as motor control frequency conversion applications, while NGTB30N120IHLWG, NGTB40N120IHLWG, NGTB20N120IHSWG and NGTB30N120IHSWG provide balanced switching and conductive loss performance for electromagnetic heating and other soft switching applications, such as electric cookers, rice cookers and microwave ovens .

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