ADLINK's industrial-grade mobile computing solutions appear at the Hi-Tech Fair

A professional manufacturer of modular embedded computing platform-ADLINK presented the latest smart touch computer, high-brightness smart screen and industrial-grade mobile handheld data terminal solutions on November 16-21, 2013. The China International High-Tech Achievement Fair. ADLINK, with rich experience in mobile computing, attended this event with new products of industrial-grade mobile computing series, providing customers with excellent high flexibility while meeting various needs and harsh working environments, and providing perfect s solution.

Industrial-grade mobile handheld data terminal greatly improves production efficiency

In this exhibition, ADLINK demonstrated industrial-grade mobile handheld data terminals equipped with high-performance NFC / RFID and barcode scanners and wireless transmission functions to meet the needs of various industry applications. In addition, ADLINK's mobile handheld data terminals are also equipped with powerful computing capabilities and excellent three-proof functions such as drop resistance, water resistance, and dust resistance. The data terminal can be free of charge for a long time, while greatly improving productivity, it can also save a lot of costs.

Intelligent touch computer high performance and reliability to meet diverse needs

ADLINK has extensive experience in intelligent touch computer applications. The intelligent touch computer adopts a full-plane touch screen, and has passed the strict IP54 water-proof and dust-proof test to bring excellent protection. It is part of ADLINK's cloud computing solution. It is used in the retail industry, service industry, medical care industry, etc. as a data terminal or user interface, and instant access to cloud data through wired or wireless transmission. Not only does it reduce the time limit for management and monitoring, but it can also help users significantly reduce production and operating costs. This high-performance and high-reliability solution meets the diverse needs of various industries including retail and medical care.

High brightness smart screen highly integrated design shortens development cycle

In this exhibition, in addition to displaying mobile handheld data terminals and smart touch computers, ADLINK will also display high-brightness smart screens. The smart screen adopts a modular design, which can quickly implement embedded Internet functions and easily deploy user interfaces to workstations or mobile applications. ADLINK provides reference design kits for system integrators, so solution providers can build solutions in a shorter design cycle while reducing design risks. The smart screen has been integrated with the display platform of the computing platform and the interconnection cable, which can be called an excellent solution for product management and products, which not only reduces the number of design tasks, but also shortens the development cycle.

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