DELL Dell Ling Yue Rubik's Cube 5000 series combo notebook computer test report

I. Introduction

I remember ten years ago in June, I just finished the college entrance examination. Then I had to wait for the scores to come out and fill in. I spent a dozen or so days waiting for the scores and I let my parents buy me the first notebook in my life. - DELL Ling Yue 6000. Fortunately, the last point was not too far off the mark, otherwise it would be properly computerized. The notebook of that era had not yet left the altar. It was still a very expensive item. I remember that Dell's customer service had called me to communicate and order and asked me what configuration I needed. I strongly recommended it to me with a discrete video card. , I asked what is the use of discrete graphics, he said that the effect of playing the game is good, I said that it uses a discrete video card, who knows the price suddenly break ten thousand ... ... phone orders to receive a total of a week look like, arrival I had been playing with it for a long time that night, and I didn't sleep much at night. I was not excited. After a lapse of ten years, I have met with the Ling Yue series again. Although the object is human, but the feelings of the Ling Yue series will never be forgotten. Thanks to Aunt Zhang for giving me the opportunity of this test, because it is Evaluation of a notebook at a time may be inexperienced. If there are deficiencies, I hope everyone can criticize and correct me. I may not be very professional in evaluation, but I will treat this new friend with my greatest enthusiasm.

Second, out of the box

The outer layer has a sponge wrap and the aunt's packaging is still reassuring

The first reaction of the box is: small, light, simple

Secondary energy efficiency

Unpacking, first floor is accessories

45W power, very small

Power plug

From this perspective, it's really thin

Three packs of vouchers and instructions

Still the familiar Logo

Third, appearance and workmanship

The whole body is made of engineering plastics, and it is frosted. It has a certain resistance to fingerprints. The texture of the whole machine is excellent. The appearance of the silvery gray is even more apparent.

There is a groove at the front of the C face, which the official calls a "smile curve", which makes it easy to open the notebook with one hand. (However, because the machine is too thin, it still needs two hands to fully open)

There is a charge indicator under the recess, which will light when charging

The layout of the right side of the fuselage, the volume adjustment button seems to have become standard

The left side of the fuselage layout, one of the two USB ports is to support PowerCharge, but does not support shutdown charging

The position of each interface is moderate and does not interfere with adjacent connected devices

The official website of the interface icon, as an ultra-thin book, the aircraft's interface is still very rich, fully meet the daily needs of use, but did not come with a stylus slightly regret

The rear is a long strip of heat sink

This selling point, multi-mode shaft, can be flipped 360°. The two shafts are made of metal and are quite solid and can be used with confidence.

The thickest part of the fuselage is about 20 mm

The thinnest part of the fuselage is 19.5 mm

Lightweight size makes it among the light and thin

The same low-key and restrained back, up and down two anti-slip mats, above the two speakers; the bottom two are cooling; Ling Yue's logo is in the middle

Due to the curvature of the bottom shape, it will not block the speaker

Open the cover, the machine uses a 13.3-inch full HD touch screen, this screen will be described in detail later

There are two cameras at the top of the screen. The left one is an infrared camera, which is mainly used for face recognition. Its pixel size is 130W. On the right is an ordinary camera, which is mainly used for video capture. Its pixel specifications are the same as 130W. At the top are two MICs

When the face recognition is enabled, the left camera is enabled, the recognition rate is high, but the premise is that you must look at the camera and have the night vision function.

When the video chat or camera is enabled, the camera on the right will work

As for the effectiveness of the 720P camera, it can only be used for video calls.

The screen is higher than the surrounding frame, while there is a ring of rubber around the screen, which plays a protective role.

From this angle you can see that the rubber layer is higher than the screen

The 360° shaft can be very secure at any angle without any looseness

C face keyboard with black color

The left side of the label column marked the aircraft's features, but must be under the top right corner of the Tucao pseudo-angle design, it is simply forced death obsessive-compulsive disorder ah ~

Identification of the 6th Generation Intel® CoreTM i5 Processor

The machine uses an integrated chocolate keyboard

Although the keystrokes of the keys are short, the feedback is very clear, the typing is relatively neat, and the key area is large. The gap between the keys is also relatively moderate, and the use is still very pleasant. The only thing that needs to be ridiculed is that the keys have no backlight...

Fortunately, the backlight indicator for the capital lock button is still

Touchpad area is very large, even if the hand of an adult male does not feel cramped, the feedback on the left and right buttons is also very clear

In terms of appearance, whether it is color or shape, it is obvious business style, simple appearance, excellent texture, at first glance gives a very fine feeling, Yan value is nothing to be picky, but unfortunately the material is still to work Plastic-based, but also the positioning of the forced ~ work reflects the demeanor of the big factory, quite solid, no slot

Fourth, hardware and performance

There are two versions of the Ling Yue Magic Cube 5000 series

The main difference is the CPU and hard disk, the high version uses the i5-6200U+128G solid-state combination, and the low-power version uses the combination of the Pentium 4405U+500G mechanical hard disk.

The test is a high version, configuration as shown above

Take a look at the basic information the machine comes with

Master Lu shows basic information

This time the Dell Ling Yue 5000 series equipped with the sixth generation of Intel® CoreTM i5 processor, model i5-6200U

This CPU belongs to the Skylake family, dual-core four-thread, based on 14-nanometer technology, TDP is 15W, the default frequency is 2.3GHz, Core frequency to 2.8GHz, Skylake has a complete H.265 codec and independent low-power H. 264 encoder, lower power consumption in 4K playback. According to online comparison evaluation, i5-6200U's default clock frequency is 100MHz higher than i5-5200U, which is about 10%~15% higher than 5200U. The i5-6200u's biggest feature is full support for DDR4 memory, but In order to save costs, many manufacturers still only have DDR3 memory, and the Lingyue Magic Cube 5000 series uses single-channel DDR4 memory, which is worth commending.

i5-6200U is integrated with Intel HD Graphics 520 Core

Sixth-generation Intel® CoreTM Core HD520 has nearly 30% higher performance than the previous-generation HD5500, providing a better experience in entertainment

This machine has a built-in 128G SanDisk Z400s SSD

The available capacity after booting is 76G, and the system and other pre-installed software already occupy nearly 30G, and the usable capacity is not stretched.

This machine uses AUO's 13.3-inch 1920x1080 full HD IPS touch screen

Compared with the previous generation of products, the frame of the machine is further narrowed, and at the same time taking care of the tablet mode, it can effectively prevent the edge from touching

13.3 inches FHD is still relatively fine, but with tablet mode close to watch, there are still grainy

The whole screen is bright and bright, slightly warm, and it is very good for the eyes and is suitable for viewing pictures and videos.

The screen is still clear at a large angle, and there is basically no partial coloring and reduced brightness. The 1080P resolution is usually used with enough detail, but the reflective problem of the mirror screen still has no solution.

In computer mode, the screen with 1080P resolution at 13.3 inches is always faced with such an embarrassing phenomenon:

The default setting is 150% magnification

If it is adjusted to 100%, the text will be very small and it will look very hard

At 150%, the text is moderate, but the displayed content is much less, and many of the software's interface will be enlarged, it looks very vague; 100% display content is more, but the text is almost invisible, this Or look at everyone's choice

However, there is no such problem in the tablet mode, whether it is a text icon or layout is perfect, you can get a good visual and operating experience

Basic information of the battery

Nearly 10 hours with the estimate of BatteryMon, the power management of Windows comes with more than 9 hours by default.

Actual use: 100% power usage, 30% brightness adjustment, wifi on, Bluetooth off and location, browsing the web for more than one hour, watching an online video for 40 to 50 minutes, watching more than 20 minutes of local 1080P video, After playing QQ mahjong for about half an hour, after the bright screen is over for more than one hour, the remaining power is 56%, which is similar to the official claimed time of 9 hours. If one day is calculated according to 8 hours of working time, this book can be maintained for one day. Work demands

The estimated charging time is about 2 hours

The actual charging time is about 2 hours and 10 minutes. The front 90% is faster and the latter 10% is slightly slower.

After the hardware is finished, let's take a look at some pre-installed software:

DELL pre-installed software is not much

Entering the desktop quickly pops up the required registration information. If it is convenient, it is recommended that everyone register and get a better service experience.

DELL SA, you can check the warranty, update the driver, view the system information, very good

The official only win10 64-bit driver, so would like to use win7 friends may be disappointed

DELL's QUICKSET software, personally feel very convenient, the backlight adjustment in the lower left corner is simply a merciless trick ~

This time, the Ling Yue Magic Cube 5000 series equipped with the MaxxAudio sound system, you can choose a variety of application scenarios, can also adjust all aspects of the sound effects, listen to the sound of the loud speaker put out clearly, structured, unlike other own sound as dull, can Meet the basic requirements of the release

In the process of using, occasionally there will be a problem that the video card driver stops responding, and sometimes there is an inconspicuous vertical line in the middle of moving the webpage. It may be the problem of the video card driver. I don't know if it is a case. It needs to be further observed.

There is also a problem that the third-party player potplayer cast color problem is to bring the player color reproduction is very accurate, if you use the potplayer player color appears yellow, temporarily no solution

Pre-installed Office 2016, but only for one month

Pre-installed McAfee anti-virus software is used for one month by default. You can use the official website to register and use it for free for 15 months.

Next we take a look at the performance of this notebook:

Still like to run the sub-link

First of all, of course, is the entertainment master's running points, everyone looks like

From Cinebench r15's scores, the CPU score is 290, which is a significant increase of more than 10% compared to 5200U's 257 (some of the evaluation site data).

3DMARK's score reflects the true positioning of the aircraft, that is, the tablet and daily home PC

We used PCMARK 8's HOME mode to run sub-points, which included five items: “Web browsing, document editing, 3D performance testing, photo editing, and video chat.” These are basically a few general items we use everyday on computers. OpenCL 2804 in accelerated mode and 2304 in traditional mode

The SanDisk Z400s 128G SSD used in this machine is an entry-level product. In addition to the general write speed, other data are within the normal range.

External USB 3.0 HDD transfers an individual large file to the SSD at an average speed of 93 MB/s through the USB 3.0 port of the computer

The average speed of transmitting a large number of fragmented files is 50.8MB/s. The switching system takes about 3 seconds. Most of the software is opened in seconds. The reading speed is satisfactory, but the capacity is a bottleneck.

When watching high-definition 4K video, if the software solution is used directly, the CPU occupancy is always at 100%, but it is not stuck.

After the hard solution is turned on, the CPU usage is only about ten percent. It shows that the i5-6200U is completely stress-free for the normal 4K video.

The built-in player defaults to the hard solution mode

When watching online video, CPU usage is about 30%

Simultaneously open ten online videos to play at the same time, CPU usage is only 50% less than

At the same time, online video and web page editing documents, CPU utilization is always below 30%

In terms of game testing, we have a simple point. After all, the market is positioned there, and don't expect high game performance.

The first test is 2013 "Demon Devil DMC", optimization is still good, all settings in the highest adjustment, resolution 1080P

The whole game froze up and down in 22 frames, the screen was not stuck and slowed down, and it was in the playable category, but the load of the whole machine was relatively large, and the basic operation was full horsepower.

After the resolution is adjusted to 720P, the number of frames is basically at 45, and the game can be played smoothly.

Followed by the thigh spirit, 1080P five files, the basic frame rate in more than a dozen, or empty scene, there are serious Caton and obvious slow down, after the full effect of the next frame rate did not break through 20, Caton slow down It is still very serious and basically in an unplayable state. But from the previous test of Devil May Cry, the pressure of dealing with general 2D or 2.5D online games is still small, and competitive games such as LOL and Dota2 should have no problem. The general stand-alone games have had special effects or reduced Resolution can still be a battle

About heat and heat dissipation: When the machine is running at a high load, such as a large-scale 3D game or testing software baking machine, the maximum temperature appears at the back logo, the temperature is about 49°, followed by the C-side keyboard, the temperature is 41 Around °C, after shutting down the high-energy-consuming software, the temperature will drop to about 35° in about 2 minutes, so when it is used everyday, it will not feel any temperature discomfort, and most of the operations will not let the CPU run at full capacity. , so the temperature problem can be basically ignored

Regarding noise: In daily use, as long as the fan does not turn, there is basically no noise; when the fan is working full-time, the decibel does not exceed 50db.

The power consumption in the standby condition is about 6W

Power consumption is about 15W for some lightweight daily operations

In the case of high load operation, power consumption is about 25W

About power consumption: It can be said that the power consumption of the aircraft is very low, which is not difficult to understand why the battery life can have 9 hours, and the power consumption is still so low on the premise that sex can be used, thanks to the The 6th Generation Intel® CoreTM i5 Processor Adopted in the Machine Achieves Improved Performance and Further Reduced Power Consumption in the Advanced 14nm Process

Through the above tests, it was found that Ling Yue Rubik's Cube 5000 is more than enough for daily use. It can take into account both work and audio and video entertainment, and the heat and noise control is quite good. The battery life is excellent and meeting the daily work needs is not a problem.

V. Expansion and Peripheral

In the previous hardware introduction section, we knew that the internal memory of the machine has an extra memory card slot, which means we can upgrade the hardware by ourselves. Then let's dismantle it together:

Since it is a new machine, there are still legends on the official website that have not been dismantled, and on such a thin machine, some internal components may be easily destroyed in the dismantling, so when I dismantle it, I am also worried about it.

Remove the 9 screws on the panel

This thickness of the books will only use the buckle-style assembly method, you need to pry through the crowbar, must be patient, can not use brute force, after my unremitting efforts, finally opened the back cover, found through dismantling The machine is indeed all used engineering plastic shell

The internal structure of the list, the top left is the wireless, Bluetooth module and fan, the bottom left is the solid state drive, the upper right is the memory, the lower right is the battery

42Wh three-cell battery occupying one-third of the internal space

Internal fan

There is an operation icon to remove the memory on the memory slot, and indicate that only DDR4 memory can be used

The original machine used Hynix's single 4G memory

The other side can install additional memory

There are two magnets at the junction of the two panels, which can effectively fix the bottom plate and will not be displaced during installation. At the same time, there are magnets in the same position on the screen. When the cover is opened and the cover is closed, the screen is obviously felt to be sucked. Go up

The HDMI interface that comes with the machine can be connected to other monitors for a better visual experience. For example, the problem that the 1080P word was too small can be solved by connecting a large monitor.

Then talk about the surrounding, because the aircraft supports touch control, but no own stylus, I thought the official will be sold, the results look at the official website of the so-called accessories, are some superficial things, tablet mode keyboard The protection board did not see it. At this stage, it either turned to the richest man or slowly added to the official supplement.

This dell gave two memory card slots, users can upgrade on their own, solid-state hard drives can also be replaced on their own, this point is still very kind, but relatively lacking in the surrounding, I hope the official follow-up can be added

Six, use scenarios and portability

Originally wanted to bring scene tests to the outdoors. Unfortunately, the weather is not beautiful, the heavy rain of the past days, and the sea in the sky can't satisfy the travel evaluation requirements. I hope you forgive me.

As a computer tablet combo product, the above four models are basically standard, DELL did not play any new tricks, the following we will interpret the next four modes of use scenes

Mode 1: Traditional Notebook Mode

Needless to say, this model is most suitable as a model for productivity, and it is also the most basic model that can handle most of the usage scenarios and is the most used model for users.

Mode II: Tablet Mode

The screen will be automatically switched to the tablet mode after 180 °, the mode of application of the scene is mostly used when lying on the bed, but to be honest, holding the computer in bed is tiring, leg rest is not comfortable, but Vertical screen mode is still very useful

Mode 3: Stand Mode

This mode is actually more suitable for touch operation than the tablet mode. Unfortunately, if you want to touch the operating screen, it will appear shaking and affect the operating experience. In this mode, it is still more used as a video appreciation.

Mode 4: Tent mode

I personally feel that this mode is awkward. In this mode, touching the operation screen does not shake, but I have a tablet mode. In this mode, it is also easy to enjoy videos, but I have a stand-up mode. However, the tent mode is indeed the highest one in the four modes.

As a two-in-one tablet PC, portability is very important. 13-inch is a natural advantage. I took a comparison with Acer's netbook purchased in 2013. After all, the selling point of netbooks is portable.

The Acer's netbook is 10.1 inches in size, and is about the same size as an ordinary iPad. It is also small in front of the 13.3-inch spirit.

A comparison with Ling Yue 13 5000 will reveal that Acer’s netbook has a wide screen border

The thickness is naturally the more magic 5,000 crushed the opponent, the whole thickness is equivalent to the thickness of Acer's lower body

However, because of the thicker fuselage, Acer is more dominant in the body interface.

Ling Yue's touchpad area is much larger than Acer's and the operation is more comfortable

Ling Yue Magic Cube 5000 body weight is 1.58KG

Plus the power supply is only 1.84KG, and going out carrying will not be a burden

Acer's weight is 1.15kg, which is only a difference of about 400g. If you take Acer's netbook and take it again, there will be a lighter illusion

Words and gentlemen, friends, lovers

Through the above comparison, we can see that the Lingyue Magic Cube 5000 application scenario is still very rich, and the portability is also very good. It can easily be put into a briefcase or a woman's carrying case, and it will not be a burden to carry for a long time. Become productive when you go out

Seven, my spirit is more affectionate

At the beginning, I said that my first encounter with the Ling Yue series was because of my first love, so I had special feelings for the Ling Yue series. I specially used a chapter to cherish my Inspiron 6000.

This package is a gift when you buy a computer. It's very practical. In college, I basically do my main task and use materials to work well.

For ten moments, the old friend has hosted my best period of youth.

For so many years, Logo still did not change much.

This 15.6-inch 6000 series can be seen as the predecessor of Ling Yue’s “tourism” now.

The upper and lower covers are buckled, there is a row of audio shortcuts below

Built-in DVD burner

A variety of interfaces are readily available and Bluetooth is built in.

The 15.6-inch gigantic body gives a feeling of solidness

Windows XP and Intel Centrino logo, tears of the era ~

Ling Yue 6000 Series

A 10-year meeting

The relationship between stuffing and skin ~

There is no comparability in thickness. After all, there is a long history and the market positioning is not the same.

Can not help but lament the progress of science and technology

Smaller size but larger touchpad

The feel of the keyboard is obviously much better in the new era and the feedback is very comfortable

This old friend of mine has been with me for a while, replaced the hard disk, added memory, repaired the fan, changed the power supply, has been working diligently, until the day of October 2012, suddenly unable to boot, after testing It was the motherboard that was broken. Then it ended his mission.

Now I welcome his successor, the same series of Ling Yue Rubik's Cube 5000 series, although separated by 10 years, but it is still another

VIII. Summary and Market Positioning

After the use and experience of this period of time, I have a general understanding of this Lingyue Magic Cube 5000. Now I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of various aspects:


1, the whole workmanship is solid, excellent texture, outstanding value, metal material at the shaft, more solid and durable

2, configure the mainstream, excellent audio and video entertainment experience, power control is ideal, excellent battery life, can become a productivity tool

3, can replace the hard disk and memory, there is a certain degree of scalability, using DDR4 memory

4, light body, good portability, 360 ° shaft to bring a variety of operating modes to cope with more use scenarios

5, Tablet PC combo design can maximize the potential of Windows10

6, DELL provides 3 years of remote diagnosis after the consumer repair service, use more at ease


1, the color is too single, currently only gray, old-fashioned reflective mirror screen problem

2, hard disk capacity is slightly smaller, no stylus and keyboard backlight

3, slightly more difficult to disassemble on their own, less official accessories and not practical

4, the driver is currently only Windows10 64-bit, graphics driver looks like a problem

Ling Yue's positioning is home entertainment, the main is the price, in Jingdong in the selection of the same type of combo notebook, you can see DELL Ling Yue Rubik's Cube 5000 pricing is quite affordable, the official purchase can also use 100 yuan discount code

This variant has found an excellent balance between appearance, portability and performance. It can well meet the needs of home entertainment and office work. It is ideal for business people, but also for fashionable young people.

Finally, I have a few photos of the slag, thank you all for watching ~

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