How to use Youku Ichiyi Sohu TV cracked version? Go to Advertising VIP Acceleration

Youku and Tudou are the websites we use most often to watch videos, but nowadays more and more long advertisements before watching videos make us very annoyed. The following Xiaobian will share with you how to skip the video websites of Youku (Tudou) and others. advertising.
1. Download a software artifact named TV application download address:

2. After the installation is completed, click below to enter

3. After clicking on any TV show or variety show you want to watch, download and open it, you can enjoy one-click ad-free viewing!

You can directly watch popular movie and TV dramas; You can also download the TV remote control game; you can install commonly used TV software with one click; with a practical tool kit, you can pick it up whenever you need it; and you can use the TV application app to bring together the most enjoyable 1000 TV applications in China. More TV essential, practical tools, remote control games three practical categories, as well as an exclusive feature hot broadcast film and television installation. Whether it's hot popular applications such as VST aggregation, HDP live streaming, pudding video, and TV cat video, there are Tencent video TV editions, Youku video TV editions, and iQiyi video TV editions that bring together more than 100,000 hours of genuine video resources. Sohu video TV version and other big video portal applications, there are a variety of quality remote control games included, find the application you want, easy one-click installation.

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